Snapchat: The Funniest Lenses to Try

Thousands of lenses are available on Snapchat. Some of these lenses are very funny. Here is a quick look on some of these funniest lenses.

The multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, is still one of the best platforms to find funny lenses and face filters. Many apps are available on smartphones with face filters and funny lenses which users often enjoy to use. But, Snapchat has set itself apart from these apps and has gained much popularity. The pictures and messages remained available only for a short time on Snapchat, but the app has evolved a lot till now. It introduced several innovations to its features to remain relevant among its users. One of its innovations includes Snap Streaks that grabbed much attention from the users. Moreover, the app has introduced many other things such as the introduction of a friend list and changes in time amount of a photo to be seen by the users. Amidst all these changes and innovations, funny lenses are still in huge demand.

Snapchat lenses and filters are available in a wide range for the users. It ranges from the faces of dogs, cats to former  American presidents and everything coming in-between. Snapchat introduced geofilters in the year 2014 and then face filters were introduced in the year 2015. In the year 2018, Snapchat introduced a service allowing the users to create their face filters. The users can search for magnifying glass to find out the huge number of lenses anytime as these are on rotation for a limited time for the users.

It is very easy to use Snapchat lenses with some little care. There should be proper light in the room so the screen can recognize your face. Also, you will need to face the screen without any obstructions as nothing should come between you and your face. However, it can be a difficult task to look through all the Snapchat lenses, but if you know where to find these funny lenses, then it becomes easy. When you press down the explore key, it will open up a section of lenses For You very much similar to those you have used. After then, you can find the Trending page showcasing the top lenses.

Funny Lenses on Snapchat: Worth to Check Out

It is not surprising that Snapchat lens is available for the Netflix movie Avatar the Last Airbender. The Snapchat lens for the movie has been introduced to intensify the buzz around the movie. The Snapchat lens for the movie known as Avatar Bending rotates through all bending types with a twist from all cartoons of Nickelodeon. Further, there is also a back bending option while rotating alongside fire, water, blood and earth. The users need to choose the bender by opening their mouth and then by simply putting their face on the screen. Then, they will find the option of lenses as My Twin allowing the users to see their look while swapping through gender.

The face filters have generated a lot of stories when siblings that they are looking very much alike when swapped gender. This particular lens doesn’t require any improvement as it has gained prominence from over the few months. Currently, 5 head lens has been holding the top position on the Snapchat trending page. The lens shrinks the face at its bottom portion and stretches out the forehead portion. The shape of the face appearing in this lens further is reminiscing everything that one can see on the Invader Zim show. However, there is no use of voice alteration in the lens, but it is doing tricks.

The other Snapchat lens without voice alteration is Broccoli Head which is also grabbing huge attention from the users. The Broccoli Head lens can convert the head of any user who is using it into a huge giant broccoli piece. It doesn’t stop here only as further; it goes to give your face a silly look by blowing out a proportion of your mouth and eyes. Overall, the list of Snapchat lenses does not end here as it has thousands of such interesting face filters meant for everyone. The users are free to use these and create their face filters along with enjoying multiple games and features in the app.

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Apple Watch: Use Water Lock to Eject Water From Your Smartwatch

Apple uses a water-resistant feature known as Water Lock in its smartwatches that helps the users to keep these watches free of water. Here is how the Water Lock feature works.

It is easier to spew out water from Apple smartwatches than you have ever expected. Apple has introduced the Water Lock feature into its wearable that can dispel the water from it. However, Water Lock is an example of one of the many features of Apple Watch. The features like Water Lock have been introduced to protect the devices and to extend their life. It is worth knowing about the Water Lock feature before you give a try to Apple smartwatch.

Apple smartwatches have been increasingly making their space among the users. These have been proved to be a crucial companion for many users. Regarding its various functions, it works very much like a health journal. Recently, it has saved the life of a woman by revealing information about her life-threatening heart condition. Apple Watch is not the only smartwatch available in the market besides it, Amazfit GTS is also there. But, Apple Watch has been becoming more popular among the users. One of the biggest reasons behind this growing popularity is the introduction of health-related features in the wearable. With the launch of its Series two, Apple Watch is now in everyone’s talk for its water-resistant feature.

To be very clear, Apple is water-resistant and not waterproof, and maybe its water-resistant ability may diminish over time. According to support pages made available by Apple, the watch can be used while working out, in the rain, and while washing hands. However, the Apple Watch users have advised people to protect their smartwatch from contacting specific liquids. These specific liquids include insect repellent, sunscreen, lotions, oil, hair dye, etc. Also, it has been advised not to expose Apple Watch to soapy water or high-velocity water. Moreover, users need to protect their smartwatch while taking a bath or shower and swimming. If they have exposed their smartwatch to water while taking a bath or swimming, then Water Lock can be a good option to dispel the water.

Water Lock Feature of Apple Watch: How to Use it

If you have planned to expose your Apple Watch to water while taking a bath or swimming or cleaning utensils, then first turn on Water Lock manually. When Water Lock is turned off, it will drain out the water from the Apple Watch itself. The draining out of the water from the smartwatch can also be done when you are suspecting that something is wrong with it. For example, when you are getting some muffling noise from the speaker port of the device, then it means water has penetrated the smartwatch.

If you want to enable Water Lock, open the screen and make sure that it has been wiped dry to avoid any taps accidentally from water droplets. Then, you will need to access the Control Center to search for the Water Lock option. Once you have found the Water Lock option appearing in the form of raindrops, click on it. When you click on the Water Lock appearing at the top screen, it will be turned on. If you have finished using the Water Lock feature, click on the Digital Crown icon to close the screen. It will also drain out water from the smartwatch speaker. As the water will start exiting from the smartwatch, it will emit a sound.

When you start swimming, the Water Lock feature will be turned on automatically. It is slightly different from the method to activate the feature manually. For example, you will need to press the downside button and digital Crown simultaneously for pausing the workout. After then, you will need to open the screen by turning Digital Crown to drain out water. Similarly, when working out ends, water will be drained out from the Apple Watch.

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How to Use Guest Mode on Google Chromecast

You will need to connect Chromecast and your device to the same network if you want to cast content from your device to Chromecast. Your guests can use the Guest mode offered by Google to cast to it as it enables Bluetooth beacon to be used in guest mode even if your guests are not on the same network. But, the question is how Guest Mode in Chromecast works and how you can use it.

Advantages of Chromecast Guest Mode

If you are going to throw the party and a lot of guests are coming to your home, then you can share your Wi-Fi password so they can enjoy their favorite content. However, there is also a much easier and convenient solution to make your guests enjoy their favorite content. You can turn on Guest mode on your Google Chromecast. It will help them to stream music or videos whenever they want. It is very easy to turn on Guest mode as if you connect your device with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Setting Up Guest Mode on Google Chromecast

To start setting up Guest mode, first, you have to install the Home app of Google for either iOS or Android. Once you have complete with setting up functional Google Home and Chromecast on your device, then you can follow these guidelines:-

  • Make sure about the proper connectivity of Google Chromecast and your device with the same network.
  • Then, open your Home app on Google to launch it and search for the Chromecast device.
  • Go to the page opening the Chromecast device list and click on it.
  • Click on the Settings appearing in the gear symbol.
  • Click on Guest mode while scrolling down.
  • Go to the window of Guest mode and click on the option to Enable Guest mode.
  • When you enable the Guest mode screen, it will present a PIN in four digits to you.
  • You will need to write down this PIN somewhere separately as your guests can access to their favorite content only when they will know about this PIN.

Note: Make sure you are not streaming any content while taking steps to enable Guest mode in the Chromecast. You can retrieve a PIN from Google Home only if you are not using a Chromecast device.

Connecting to Chromecast as a Guest

Google offers two ways to connect the device of your guest to your Chromecast. The first one to connect it to the unique network of Wi-Fi, which your Chromecast is currently broadcasting. The second method is to connect the device to Bluetooth. Here is how to do it:-

  • Go to any device in which Chromecast app is enabled, click on the option Cast option visible on the specific video.

Note: If the icon of Cast does not appear on the video, then make sure that Guest mode is enabled on Chromecast. Then, try to restart your mobile device. After restarting it, the icon of Cast should be visible on the video.

  • Now, a pop-up notification will appear to you as Cast to.
  • Click on Nearby device to establish the connection as a guest to Chromecast.
  • The device you are using will try to sync with another device by using an audio command. In the window appearing as Cast to a nearby device, click on connect while choosing OK.

Note: Make sure that you are completing the process in a very quiet room with no disturbing background noises. The audio sync will work to its optimum only in such circumstances. Moreover, to increase the chances to sync, keep your phone holding very close to your Chromecast device.

  • In case, if the audio sync is not working, then enter the Guest mode PIN in the newly appeared window.
  • After typing the PIN, click on Connect.
  • It will further establish the connection between the device and Chromecast properly in Guest mode.
  • Also, it will start casting audio or videos to Chromecast normally.

Can a User Use Guest Mode in a Hotel with Chromecast?

Many of the users often wanted to know if Chromecast will work in any hotel if they want to use it while staying at the hotel. So, your Chromecast will not work in the hotel when you are staying there and want to use it. Since almost all hotels require the users to use the login pages based on browsers to establish the connection to the internet and so it is not possible.

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Disposable email is a kind of service that allows you to have any mail ID but for a temporary amount of time, and it self destructs itself after you cross a specific time limit. It is exactly like any regular email ID where you can receive and send emails, but the only difference is that it is available for a temporary period. There are various forums and services that will provide you with all the essential functions and features of an email without any spam and ads. But make sure that you don’t share any private or sensitive information using these email services.

Here is the list of best disposable email address services:

10 Minute Mail

It is one of the best temporary email services that will provide you an email address for 10 minutes so that you can sign up for any site that requires your email address for verification. By using their email ID, you will not have to subscribe to unnecessary pages, and you can save your main account from ads & spams. You can exceed the time limits to extra 10 minutes as well.


You have to create a spamgourmet account to keep your email ID protected, and you can use it to connect to different sites or apps without getting any stamp or ads in return. That’s why they call it a Protected Address. You can switch to their advanced mode to get more privacy and better features.


You will have to sign up to create a free account, or you can add your regular email ID, which will be protected and you will not get spam or ads from any sites and application. It identifies email IDs using its alias for every contact. It creates your domain name on its own, but you can also customize it easily. Choose their premium plans to get cloud space and unlock various features.


You can create multiple email IDs using the Mailinator. You can request for a free trial service before beginning. You can use their personal plans for free, where you will receive only public inboxes without logging in to any account. They provide Team Plus and Enterprise plans that are billed annually, and you will get multiple features along with free trials.


You can create multiple domains using their service, but there is no code of privacy that fits their services. If by any chance, someone else chooses the same alias as you, then both of you will receive similar emails. You can customize your domain name and don’t use any alias account, otherwise, your domain and alias can get hacked.


It provides you free services that you can use to manage all your online registrations while keeping your identity safe and anonymous. The Email ID that you create on GishPuppy forwards messages directly to your private email ID. You can create a new email ID every time you log in to GishPuppy. The aliases expire automatically after a given period.


You can copy and paste the email ID provided by Nada to register for any untrusted website or app. They ensure that your anonymity is protected, and it does not collect any data from your personal account. You get a permanent, temporary inbox after signing up, which you can access until a month before your domain name gets changed for privacy and security reasons.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at

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Best Audio Speakers for Your Car

All the music lovers cannot function without their favorite music playing in the background while they drive off to their job, college, or any desired destination. And for that, you will need an audio speaker in your car. There are several local speakers available in the market, but they won’t produce the best music, won’t last long, and will not be worthy of the price. You can switch to speakers that you will have to install in your car. These speakers will provide you much better sound quality than the local ones.

We have listed some of the best speakers below to help you clarify all the relevant information, and you can choose the best one out for yourself.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3

This is one of the most exceptional speakers in markets that comes in a set of four with a 3-way coaxial stereo. It is solidly built and is highly responsive in both high and low frequency. It comes along with the peak power of 90 Watts per speaker. Due to the three ways set-up, you can separate it for different frequency ranges, and it will eventually provide you the most soothing and natural-sounding audio. You can purchase it under $50.

Infinity Primus Series 6X9

It is a high-quality 3-way speaker with one 6X9 woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, and 5/9-inch super twitter, which RMS of 300 watts. The speakers are surrounded by polypropylene and rubber to ensure that it can play any kind of music smoothly. They produce super dynamic highs and mids, and the bass responses are also impressive. It can be installed without any subwoofer as well. You can purchase io for $65.31 on Amazon.

Kicker 43DSC504 D-Series

These are surrounded by polyester foam and rigid polypropylene material. It provides the highest power of 200 watts per ANSI/CTA-2013-A and has 4 Ohms impedance. The amplifier works with an RMS of 50 watts. It cost up to $60.

Alpine SPS619

These are 6½-inch Type-S series car speakers that have a gravity magnet phone holder bundle. They have an optimized airflow design and are packed with a lot of power. Its compounds are made up of polypropylene that will provide you a stiffness, protection, and lightweight blast of music from its bass and crystal clear mid-range. The RMS is 85 Watts only, but it works great and provides much power. They don’t come with installation instructions because they are in standard size and easy to use. So if you are a beginner, the installation process can take you some time. It cost $140 now.

Kicker 43CSC654

It is a two-way class speaker that has a coaxial pair from the CS series. Its woofers are also made up of polypropylene. It picks up vibrations and maintains the rigidity at the same time. Its woofers have been with zero protrusion ½ inch PEI tweeter to provide you with the best audio clarity. Its motor and magnet structures are highly durable, so that these speakers will last for a more extended time. It can handle peak power of 600 watts per pair and 200 watts with RMS per pair. It retails for $160.

Infinity Kappa 60.11 CS

This 6.5-inch car audio speaker uses a two-way component system pair. They come with ¾” dome tweeters, two woofers, and two crossovers to give you the best audio experience. It handles peak power of 540 watts per pair and 270 watts each, and with RMS it handles 180 watts per pair. The package comes along with flush mounting and Starfish brackets so that the installation process can become easier. You can purchase it for $130.


The cones are made up of carbon, and they pass more air and create a better bass than any other speaker. It has a soft dome tweeter along with an oversized voice coil to prevent it from heating. It handles high power off only, and you get fatigued free highs. It doesn’t matter where you place these speakers, the dual-level tweeter volume adjustments will always give you the best audio experience. Its low impedance, 3 ohm, and I-Mount system gives placement control at an affordable price of $100 only.

JBL-Stadium GTO600C

If you are looking for the loudest speaker, you can go for this one as they have the peak power of 270 watts. Its cones are infused with carbon and fiber, which makes it light, steps, and better than any other polypropylene cone speaker. It will give you the sound quality of a home theatre, and you can customize the controls, tuning, frequencies, etc. easily. It has 2-ohm output designs with a low impedance voice coil that delivers the best power without any interference. It cost $562.90 currently on Amazon, but its original size is $750.

This list covers all the affordable and hi-end speakers. You can find the best deals of these speakers on eBay or Amazon. The price range may vary according to your location and zip code.

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TikTok: Turn on Notifications and Never Miss Any Video

If you are worried about missing the latest TikTok videos and challenges, it will be worthwhile to enable the push notifications.

It is difficult for the TikTok users to remain up to date with all the latest videos and happenings on TikTok. However, they can enable push notifications to get themselves updated regarding the latest challenges or videos. TikTok is the primary location for several users to post their short videos and get them viral. The social networking app has grown hugely over the years and still is growing along with providing a great and simple interface for sharing short videos.

Like many other social networking apps, TikTok is not so old, even though it rose quickly and became one of the most famous social media apps. The popularity and global reach of the app can be estimated with the fact that it has been downloaded by more than two billion times. Moreover, the app has witnessed such a huge download in a very short period. One of the major effects of such a huge number of users is that the platform has an abundance of videos available. However, the availability of such a huge amount of videos is a good thing. Still, it has made it difficult for users to stay updated with their favorite videos or content creators. It is also quite difficult if we consider the recommended nature of TikTok driven by artificial intelligence technology.

Indeed, frequently appearing notifications often become irritating and annoying when we activate too many at a time. But enabling notifications can be great and much more for the apps that we regularly and frequently access. When we turn on the push notifications, it always keeps us updated about the app’s latest happenings. Apart from these, the TikTok applications available from the App Store and Google Play Store provide the app users with customization ability. The users can turn on the notifications and customize them to receive only those notifications which they want to receive. Also, the users can turn on notifications for TikTok videos for both iOS and Android devices.

Turn on TikTok Notifications in These Ways

Generally, the users enabled the push notifications on their devices, but before that, it is important to enable it inside your app. To turn on the announcements, First of all, go to your app TikTok and open it. After opening the app, login into it with your user account. Once you Sign in, it will require you to access the profile of your user account. To do this, go to the bottom at the right corner and click on Me icon. Then, you will need to move to the right side at the upper edge of the screen and click on the menu appearing in three dots. Now, go to the General section and click on it. It will redirect you to the Push Notifications option to click on it. Further, a new page will be displayed to the users providing multiple options for customizing notifications. The users can toggle on or off to choose different options and enable the announcements in the way they want.

Once the users enable the general app notifications, it will become easy for them to set up TikTok videos or content notifications. In simple terms, the users should select the account they are willing to follow or updated. Then, enable the information for “live streams from accounts you follow” and “videos from accounts you follow.” Once you turn on the announcements, the app will notify you whenever your favorite content creator will upload any new video or content. Also, the app will tell you whenever your favorite content creator will go online.

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Photoshop Camera: The New AI-Powered Effects & Filters App Explained

Adobe Photoshop Camera uses artificial intelligence to tackle editing tasks with images. It has enhancement options that can automatically improve images that are normally seen on PCs.

The users can improve their photos taken using a smartphone with the innovative artificial intelligence-powered technology. Since Adobe Photoshop Camera is available for the users, it is worth giving it a try. The camera has been launched by implementing many innovations based on artificial intelligence that is going to bring a revolution in the field.

Filters used in photos taken with a smartphone camera are the defining technology till the last decade. The task of editing images was relegated entirely to very expensive software. Even today, when many image editing programs or software are available for free, it is still a skill-oriented task. The common users came to know about the filters technology when Instagram and Snapchat started using the filters for improving user experiences. With this, these tools are widely available for the users who once required the practice of several days. The image editing has become so accessible and easy now that even the layman can use it.

It can be said that the use of artificial intelligence in image editing has made it much more accessible to users. Adobe Photoshop camera is an intelligent application available for free that allows the users to add the best effects and filters to their photos. The app is packed with amazing features powered by artificial intelligence helping the users take selfies and other shots. Moreover, you can use the fixes like portrait control and auto-tone for creating photos with high quality and that too, with only a simple click. The app has a collection of multiple filters allowing the users to improve their photos without putting much input. These filters can be seen as a group of common tasks for photo editing.

The Camera app chooses an appropriate photo filter while detecting the image type once captured. For example, when the user takes a selfie, the Portrait filter available in the app puts the user in focus while handling lighting on the face of the user. Also, it works on further to smooth the skin and to reduce the spots on the face of the user. The app also handles the depth of field for blurring the background when you move to take the image. Moreover, the users find several options to edit the photos manually, along with swiping between images to perform other tasks.

The Ways Artificial Intelligence Help the Users to Take Better Images

The multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, also introduced filters, but the artificial intelligence-powered filters introduced in Adobe Photoshop Camera set it apart from Snapchat. The users need to tell the software regarding the different places an object is within the taken image when it comes to manual photo editing tools. But, artificial intelligence-powered tools perform all such tasks itself while taking a picture. The artificial intelligence-powered technology used in the app is known as Adobe Sensei. The Adobe Sensei technology was also used in the Photoshop desktop versions to enhance the tools such as Magic Wand.

The tools like Magic Wand, when powered by artificial intelligence, become capable of selecting and removing the background of an image. In simple terms, the artificial intelligence-powered filters not only see and select the image but also perform the editing, making it much more appealing. Since it is very easy to use the app filters only with one tap and so, the users can see the several refinements and edits performed by the artificial intelligence that can be only possible by software dedicated for image editing. Apart from these, Adobe has posted a blog describing the latest features as a journey to expand the features for everyone, along with delivering many other creative tools. The company is proving its blog post in many aspects as such features are not a new smartphone, but getting the options to customize it is a good thing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Spotify in 2020

Spotify hardly comes in our mind when we think of spending money on digital marketing. One might consider spending on YouTube and even on radio advertisements. Spotify is rapidly becoming a most favored platform to listen and share music, therefore, it is actually a good place to invest your money on. Gradually, Spotify has become the most popular global audio streaming subscription service. It has 271m users, including 124m subscribers, across 79 markets. Luckily for marketers, Spotify now has a well-organized advertising market.

How Can You Advertise on Spotify?

If you are thinking that you can only create audio ads, then you are wrong. There are multiple types of ads you can create here.


Spotify plays audio ads between the songs and on all versions of the app regardless of your device. You can create ads between 15 seconds to 30 seconds of the time limit. You can select the type of music you think your target audience listens to and publish your ad there. You can also set your ad according to your preferred location. The maximum audience on Spotify is Gen Z and Millennials. And they do not like loud ads interrupting between their music. So make ads relevant to your target audience.


On Spotify, you can produce takeover videos which means buying ad spaces between songs. Your ad will run in the form of a full-screen video in between two songs. However, this will work if your audiences view the app, otherwise, people who only listen to music on Spotify won’t open the app to watch your ad.

Display Ads

Spotify gives you options to display ads just like Google Ads. The 30 seconds display ad will often appear at the top of the Spotify browser. When the user clicks on the ad, it will redirect them to the targeted landing page.

You can select from three types of display ad:

1. Homepage takeover – This appears on the home page of the user to reflect the advertised brand for a while. It is a clickable ad.

2. Megabanner – It appears at the bottom of the screen and is just like in a banner style.

3. Overlay – These are full-screen ads but can be closed by the user. If not closed, they disappear after 30 seconds.

Sponsored Playlist

Another way to advertise your brand without purchasing ads is to create a playlist for your target audience. You can put a suitable image in the background and name your playlist by your brand. But first, you need to be creative and put a lot of thought into what kind of songs you select for your playlist. Create a playlist that will help you interact with your target audience. You want them to use your playlist to be in the right mood, to enjoy your songs, and then return back to you for your songs again. For that, you need to use psychology to make the perfect list of songs, with each one leading to the next.

Creating a Spotify Ad

Earlier, Spotify used to be a very expensive place for ads, but with the arrival of Spotify Ad Studio in 2017, it became viable for all sorts of budget. The Spotify Ad Studio works just like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram ads, and is quite easy to use. In fact, you can just upload your script and choice of music and Spotify will record the ad for you and deliver it to you. Here’s a guide on how you can easily create Spotify ads.

1. Choose an objective your ad aims to focus on.

2. Upload your recorded audio or request a voiceover by uploading your script and music.

3. Choose your target audience based on age, location, gender, listening behavior, or platform

4. Set a budget schedule for your campaign. The minimum cost of a Spotify ad is $250 which further changes based on your location and ad targeting. You’ll have to set dates for your campaign launch and make sure your budget is spread evenly across the campaign period.

5. Make your ad creative. Add details like a good background image to go with your audio ad, put a nice ad headline, and add links to your landing page.

6. And you are done. Click on the launchpad icon to release your Spotify ad.

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Google Lens: Transfer Handwritten Notes to Computer Easily

Google Lens feature has improved a lot with the latest update. Now, you can copy your text quickly and transfer it to your computer.

The users are going to find it easy to copy the text and paste it on the computer through Google Lens. You can copy anything, including your handwritten notes and paste it from your phone to your computer. Here is how the features work and how you can transfer your handwritten notes from one device to another.

Primarily, Google Lens is an application used for detecting and scanning an image. The app got more upgrades over the years and got smarter in features and works. The app was launched in the I/O event of the year 2017 by the company. The same year, Google introduced a new feature in the app associated with copying and pasting text from the images. The introduction of the feature was a significant development for the app. It allowed the consumers to not only take an image but also pasting the text in some other app while highlighting it.

Again the company announced another big update in the Google Lens in the year 2018. It was a massive leap for the company as it allows the users to transfer the text to the computer after copying and pasting through Google Lens. However, the users of Google Lens do not even need to paste the text to any different app or any email solution before sending them. Now, the users can copy the text available on their phone and get it available instantly to paste on the document they are using on the computer.

Copy and Paste From Your Phone to Computer in this Way

So, if you want to try the new update, then it is effortless to do. Instead, it is very much easy to do as you copy and paste commonly. You will need to select the text using Google Lens and then click on the feature. The user will get the Copy Text option to tap on it. Also, the users will get the option Copy to Computer in the app along with copy the text option. When you select the alternative, the app will point to the selected device on which you want to copy and paste the text. For instance, it can be your computer you are using at home. When you tap on the chosen device, the text appearing will be copied, and you can paste it instantly on another device.

According to the feature, the devices selected to transfer the copied text should be linked to the Google account.  The text will be transferred to only those computers which are signed in by you with the same user account. If you are not getting your computer listed on which you want to transfer the text, then it means you are not signed in with the same user account on that specific computer. It also means you cannot transfer the text after copying it on that particular computer if not logged in with the same user account. The users must be signed in on both devices with the same Google user account at the same time to enable the copying and pasting feature of Google Lens.

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Samsung Bixby: The Five Ways to Rock With it

Use the intelligent assistant of Samsung and make your life much more comfortable than ever before.

The virtual assistant introduced by Samsung, Bixby, supports voice commands, tap, and touch recognition. Several ways can be used with Bixby to make your life along with organizing it. You can give voice commands using Bixby Voice, recognize images and objects with Bixby Vision, and can get relevant information along with social media updates with Bixby Home.

Bixby offers many more facilities than we can think, and among those, here are the five ways you can improve your life with Bixby.

Control your Phone with Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice is a robust suite that not only understands the voice commands but also responds to them. The feature can interpret the commands to operate the phone. You can speak any command on the phone that you often use with a touchscreen phone. For example, if you are willing to send any vital email, you can command Bixby to open the email solution and send it to your colleague. Here are the steps to use Bixby Voice on your phone:-

  • First of all, press down the Bixby button while holding it on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Note: If the users are using the Bixby Voice for the first time, then they will be guided by the app to set up the whole process.

  • While holding the Bixby button, you will need to say a specific command.
  • After giving the command, you have to release the Bixby button.

Tip: The users can click on Search commands, which provides them several commands that work with their phone and Bixby voice.

Use Bixby to Get information

If you want to get information about anything, take a picture of that particular thing or object. For example, you may be curious about the plant you have seen first or about the latest perfume your neighbor is using. You can get any information by using Bixby Vision. The app can get you the same images with information about them. Here are the steps to do:-

  • First of all, press down the Bixby button to open it. You can also swipe it right to open it.
  • Search for the Bixby Vision option by scrolling down and then click on Image.

Tip: The users can use the Bixby Text tool if they do not know the foreign language. The device will translate their text into their native language.

  • Keep your camera pointing at the relevant object. Bixby Vision starts displaying suggestions while attempting to identify the specific object.
  • If the displayed suggestions are matching your search, then click on the suggestion.
  • Further,  the app will start opening a list containing several suggestions regarding the matching Image.
  • When you click on that specific Image, then the default browser will start displaying the results.
  • The users can find information about the relevant photo by viewing the web page.

Give a Try to Bixby Vision and go Shopping with it.

You can use Bixby Vision for Shopping also. The app identifies the particular item by using your camera and suggests several stores that have the item. Here is how to use it:-

  • Go to Bixby Home and then open it while scrolling down to find the option Bixby Vision card.
  • Now, click on Shopping while pointing the camera at the specific item.
  • Click on the results matching the searched item.
  • Click on the product appearing on the list to go for Shopping.

Arrange all Your Websites on One Page with Bixby Home

You can get all websites and social media platforms arranged in one place with the help of Bixby Home. Bixby Home not only will organize your digital life but also help you to find some other applications. You not only can find apps keeping you updated with weather reports but also get quick access to several other apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. Bixby Home has organized the various apps in the form of cards. You can remove the apps by deleting these cards if not willing to use them. Here are the steps to add the new card to the app:-

  • Go to the Menu and open it by clicking on the three dots appearing vertically.
  • Click on the Settings section and then click on Cards.
  • If you want to display any app to the home page of Bixby, then keep slide to On position.
  • If you want to remove any app, then keep the slider to Off position.
  • Click on the Back option to return to the homepage.

Control your TV with Voice Command by using Bixby

You can change the picture mode, modify brightness, and switch over to DVD mode by giving voice command through Bixby. Here are the steps to use Bixby on your Samsung smart TV:-

  • Press down the button of Microphone while holding it on the TV remote control.
  • Start giving commands such as show a list of horror movies, increase the volume, or go to channel 9.
  • Release the Microphone button as the TV will start modifying the changes.

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