The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Anos Confronts Hero Academy Students for Cheating

Ever since Anos and his friends arrived at Arclanskia, the Hero Academy in the human realm, they have to face nothing but antagonism directed at them. But now things are getting much worse as they face violence in addition to all the malevolence, they have to tolerate prior to that. Anos is incredibly disappointed by the reconstructed and revisionist history in the human realm. He isn’t taking the lies spread about Avos Dilhevia well. The people in the human realm are also very confrontational and disrespectful towards demons. Now that the students are doing mock battles, things are getting even more heated. It is high time that Anos showcases his fighting prowess and turns the tables on people of the human realm.

A third-year student from the Demon King Academy named Revest is told to assemble a team for a mock battle with Hero Academy students. It might sound fair and appreciable that Hero Academy students are ready to give their adversaries all the practice they need. But the whole fight is set up in a way as to put the demons at a disadvantage. They do terribly against the students of Hero Academy, who easily defeat them.

But later, Revest shows Anos and Ms. Menou how Hero Academy students had used a magical item to suppress the demon magic in order to make them weak. Anos even says the lake’s water was turned into holy water to suppress demon magic while it bolstered Hero magic, so the odds were stacked against the demons even before the fight started. Anos now decides to challenge Hero students, but this time the battle will be fought in his own terms.

Anos confronts a squad of three Hero Academy students making fun of the loss that the demons were dealt with by the lake. They make the argument that what they did was take advantage of home-field conditions, and it was not technically cheating. The demons defend themselves but are mocked by a Hero Academy student who says if the holy water bothers them so much, they should drain the entire lake, so it does not remain a factor in the fight.

Anos answers the mockery by actually draining the water of the lack with a powerful spell. This angers the Headmaster Diego, who warns to cancel the test, but his students have other plans to his surprise. Some of them go into the now drained river to confront Anos, but they intend to cheat with another trick up their sleeve even this time. Eleanor Bianca stands in a dilapidated temple oddly possessed; there is no doubt that she will be the Ace for Hero students in their fight against Anos. There is very little time, and Anos has to find a way to neutralize the threat before it is used against him.

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