Pokemon Go: How to Acquire the Strange Egg

On October 12 at 1 PM PDT, Niantic introduced a new strange egg. This egg will be live until October 19 at 10 PM PDT. Now since this new egg has arrived, trainers of Pokemon Go are curious about several things. Niantic revealed that players could acquire this new egg by defeating the Team Rocket leaders. This new egg contains some new Pokemon that trainers can get by hatching.

Developers have added plenty of new challenges and content in the game, but this new strange egg is currently under the spotlight. The strange egg has light red spots on it, and from trainers, it requires walking 12km to hatch. However, after putting this egg in Incubator, its walking time cuts to 3km because of the ongoing event.

This strange red color of the egg is available for only a limited period. Lucky players can obtain this egg by defeating the Team Rocket leaders. The process of obtaining this egg is slightly different. Players cannot get it by spinning the shops or opening the gifts.

To obtain this egg, you have to find the leaders of Team Rocket – Arlo, Cliff, or Sierra. All of these leaders are powerful, and during the event, they’ll use a new lineup of Pokemon in battle. Before starting the battle against Team Rocket leaders, make sure to have space in the egg collection section. This year’s Team Rocket event is slightly different. Players can find Team Rocket leaders in Pokestops, and they can also appear through balloons. However, if you successfully obtain the strange egg and hatch it, then you might get these Pokemon:

  • Scraggy
  • Vullaby
  • Larvitar
  • Trubbish

These four Pokemon are already existing Pokemon, and among these Pokemon, Larvitar is a highly preferred Pokemon. Larvitar is a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon that evolves in Pupitar using 25 Larvitar candies. Once you have Pupitar, you can use 100 Larvitar candies to evolve into Tyranitar. Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark-type Pokemon that has some extremely Powerful moves.

Scraggy is also a dual-type Pokemon of the Unova region. It’s a Dark/Fighting-type Pokemon that evolves in Scrafty. To evolve Scraggy in Scrafty, you need to use 50 Scraggy candies. It can help you in PvP battles.

Trubbish is a Poison-type Pokemon and belongs to the Unova region. Similar to Scrafty, you need to invest 50 Trubbish candies in evolving Trubbish to Garbodor. Garbodor is also an excellent Poison-type Pokemon that can support in Great and Ultra League Battles.

Vullaby is a newly introduced Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It’s a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon that evolves in Mandibuzz. Collecting 50 Vullaby standing would be challenging, but by using 50 Vullaby candies, you can evolve it into Mandibuzz. Currently, Vullaby is only hatching from the 12km eggs. So you have to collect as many as possible 12km eggs to get the current event Pokemon and their candies.


The current Team Rocket event is going great. Players looking to earn an enormous amount of stardust and candies should hatch eggs as many as possible. The 12km egg will only be available during the event, but if Niantic receives a great response, they might add it into the game permanently. Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS devices.

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