4 Outstanding Star Trek Android Games

Star Trek has come a very long way; it has been almost 53 years of this franchise since the first Star Trek episode was shown. It has become one of the biggest and most popular franchises of all time; it has released 13 feature films, six live-action TV series, and plenty of toys, novels, comic books, documentaries, and of course, games too.

Well, a bunch of Star Trek stuff is indeed about to come, but for now, let’s look at the games. You will find only two official Star Trek games based on the Star Trek series on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options for Star Trek games. Despite these two official games, whatever you find on Google Play are emulators. Well, we do not know why we don’t have lots of Star Trek games for mobile. By the way, let’s have a look at the available games.

Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command is quite an apt title for Star Trek fans. It is a pretty decent MMO strategy game where you can explore various new worlds, join an alliance, trade goods, and battle against bad guys. You will see a bunch of Star Trek cameos in the game that adds more fun to it. It boasts plenty of factions to join, decent graphics, and hundreds of other fantastic stuff that will keep you engaged. The game is undoubtedly amazing and available entirely for free to play. The game gets regular updates, and it is a native Star Trek game that you should be playing.

Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines is a fantastic Star Trek game; in fact, it is the best one. The game was developed by Disruptor Beam. It is a strategy RPG that lets you create your starship crew, you can pick your crewmembers from tons of characters from all the six Star Trek TV series, and each character has their abilities and special skills. Once you make your crew, you can use that crew for exploring the galaxy via your ship. The game even allows you to engage in various starship combat, either with other online players or with AI-controlled enemies. It is a fantastic game that you can play entirely for free, and I would strongly recommend that you give it a try.

Steam Link

There are a variety of Star Trek games available for PC; you can use Steam Link to play all these games on mobile. It is a little bit tricky to set up the Steam Link app, but the app will let you play the PC Star Trek games on your smartphone with a controller once you do it. It is an excellent way to play all the PC Star Trek games on your mobile. The Steam Link app is entirely available for free to use, but the costs of games vary.


Emulators are undoubtedly another source for Star Trek games; you can use them to play a bunch of games, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, a bunch of old games for the Commodore 64, and many more. Emulators are a pretty amazing way to play a bunch of console games too, and you should try them.

I wish I could find more Star Trek mobile games for you, but unfortunately, we don’t have many options, as I already shared at the beginning of this article. However, the games mentioned in the article are pretty amazing, and you will like them. Thank you for reading the article. Enjoy playing!

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