Scientists Discover How Crocodiles Survived the Biggest Asteroid Strike

Crocodiles are one of the robust animals who survived the biggest asteroid strike in the Cretaceous period.

They are semi-aquatic reptiles that live in tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Australia, and America. The reptiles have an efficient body shape and versatility to survive in extreme conditions. According to recent research, these species can withstand enormous climatic changes.

The physical trait of crocodiles allows them to become successful predators. The streamlined body of the species helps them to swim. And the external structure of crocodiles is an indication of their predatory and aquatic lifestyle. Crocodiles can live in or outside the water. They can even survive in darkness. They have a tough physical design; hence they can face any climatic extremities and severe injuries.

Crocodiles generally prefer warm climatic conditions. The species are cold-blooded; hence they can not regulate their body temperatures. They take warmth from the surrounding.

Over 66 million years ago, space rocks smashed all the natural habitats, including animals and plants in the Gulf of Mexico. During that calamity, almost all living beings died, and a large species wiped out from Earth. But, crocodiles survived the tragedy by drawing the energy from the sun.

The incident speaks out loud that unlike warm-blooded animals (mammals or birds), crocodiles do not need to eat much to survive, and they do not need to change or evolve.

Over the years, the crocodile species have undergone very little change. Researchers believe that the lack of evolution and their limited diversity might help them survive the major mass extinction.

The crocodiles of today have many similarities with the crocodiles of the Jurassic period. This indicates that crocodiles have undergone slight or almost no change from some 200 million years ago. Researchers at the University of Bristol say that the species’ efficiency to withstand the severe global tragedy might be the reason for the minimum change in crocodiles or the slow rate of evolution.

Author Dr. Max Stockdale said that the crocodiles’ well-designed body might be the reason for their survival at the end of the Cretaceous period. He added that the species had a versatile lifestyle, which helped them to adapt to the extreme climatic changes.

Crocodiles can hold their breath for around one hour underwater and own an incredible ability to hold oxygen. There are only 25 species of crocodiles that are alive today. They are great swimmers and also able to move on the land with surprising speed- especially when they are angry or alarmed.

According to Dr. Stockdale and his colleagues, crocodiles have a “start-stop” phenomenon towards an evolution which majorly depends on the climate and surrounding. This pattern is known as “punctuated equilibrium” described in Nature Communications Biology. The theory proposes that some species stabilize their evolutionary rate and show very little or no changes. This state is also known as “stasis.” The phenomenon also explains why some prehistoric species are no longer alive. Many extinct species underwent “punctuated equilibrium,” including gigantic animals like dinosaurs, fast runners, diggers, plant-eaters, and water serpent-like monsters.

Dr. Stockdale, a geographical scientist, shared that his team has analyzed the species’ rate of evolution using machine learning. The evolutionary rate can be defined as the change that occurs within a species over a considerable amount of time. The researchers can find the rate of evolution by comparing different measurements from the fossils.

For the research, the scientists collect a few required data of the animal, including the species’ growth, how much food they need to survive, how fast do they grow, how big are their populations, and how they are likely to extinct.

According to the study, the researchers find out that Crocodiles can eat anything in their surroundings. They have a strong immune system. Just like bats, crocodiles can resist disease. The reptiles can survive without any large meals for a long time. Their babies mature much quickly. Crocodiles can also undergo hibernation and survive with the huge temperature drops; therefore, they survived the ice ages.

The crocodile species also flourish more in warm conditions because they need external heat to keep themselves warm. The climatic condition of the Cretaceous period was much higher than the temperature of today; hence there were more species of crocodiles in that era. Now a group of researchers has planned to study them more to find out why some prehistoric species became extinct while others survived.

Crocodiles are amazing creatures, and they have lived through two mass extinctions. The unique design of the species helps them to stand up to the ultimate living condition. Their body is able to sustain severe injuries.

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Tom Cruise Resumes Mission: Impossible 7 Shooting

The shooting of the upcoming Tom Cruise’s film Mission: Impossible 7 has been resumed in the United Kingdom. The character of Ethan Hunt is returning for the seventh time after facing lots of challenges.

Christopher McQuarrie’s upcoming movie Mission: Impossible 7 is a spy film and Rogue Nation and Fallout sequel. Alongside Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Angela Bassett, and Frederick Schmidt reprise their original role, whereas Esai Morales, Hayley Atwell, Hayley Atwell will join the franchise. The installment is scheduled to release on 19 November 2021, and the sequel of the movie will be out on 4 November 2022.

On 14 January 2019, the team announced that they are working on the seventh and eighth installment of the franchise, and McQuarrie will be directing both the movies. However, the project has faced many many challenges during the making. The film was working under the title of Libra. The shooting was scheduled to start on 20 February 2020, but due to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Italy, the production work got halted.

After almost three weeks, the shooting resumed in July with the strict health guidelines to ensure cast and crew safety. The production of the film was again delayed as 12 people tested COVID-19 positive on the set. A week later, the shooting resumed again. Cruise had berated  a couple of crew members who he had reasons to believe had not followed safety protocols while filming the movie.

Recently, Variety confirmed that the movie’s shooting would be concluded in the United Kingdom at Longcross Film Studios, which was initially planned in Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden. Longcross used to be the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence site, which is now used to redevelop into the studios. Many movies like Guardians of Galaxy, Skyfall, Thor: The Dark, Artemis Fowl, The King’s Man, Death on the Nile, and The Gentlemen were shot in here.

According to the sources, Variety confirmed that the team is back from the Christmas break, shifting in the Warner Bros. Studio production. Longcross is in Surrey in Southeast England that falls within Tier 4. And the team is allowed to continue the shoot under the COVID-19 protocols.

The United Kingdom is again facing the devastating wave of the coronavirus. Since November, UK has reported a hasty increase in COVID-19 cases in London and South East England.

Hopefully, the film won’t experience any more interruptions. And the team can finish the production work peacefully after so many delays.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for webroot security products at

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How to Use the ECG app on Apple Watch

ECG app is an excellent tool in today’s busiest world where people don’t get time to stay healthy. The app records the movements of your heart and displays how well your heart is. The Apple Watch was launched in 2015. Since then, it is regarded as an excellent tool for checking the health of your heart. One of the most important parts of the human body is the heart. If it stops beating even for 2 seconds, your life may be in danger. It becomes important to take care of the health of your heart. The Apple watch does an excellent job of measuring your heart rate with its sensors. We will explain some ways to use ECG app on your Apple Watch. Here is how you can do it.

Check Heart Rate Manually

When a person holds his/her finger on the crown of an Apple Watch, the sensor detects and measures the heart rate. The watch successfully analyzes how healthy your heart is and how well it is performing. It displays the details about the heart rate on display. This watch has made it possible to view the heart rate without going to a doctor.

Let the Watch Perform Automatically

When you put on the watch during the day, it automatically detects your heart’s pace and movements and informs you about them. All you need to do is just put on the watch, and the app will perform automatically and measure low and high reading.

Know Before You Try it

Some people make hasty decisions and repent later after buying Apple Watch as they don’t know which model will work with the ECG app. Choose the model that works with ECG and make sure if the ECG works in your country or not. You should ensure that both the Apple Watch and iPhone must be updated to the latest versions.

How to Download and Use It

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone and visit the Health app and download it.
  • Once you have installed it on your device, you are now ready to use it. It measures not just your heart rate, but running, sleeping, and other activities also.
  • Press your finger on the digital crown of your watch. After 20-30 seconds, you will see classification on display.
  • You can quickly know about the results that that app shows.
  • If you see “Sinus rhythm,” it means that the watch has detected a simple pattern. The simple pattern means that your heart is in good condition.
  • If you see “Inconclusive” on the screen, it means that the watch could not show any results due to wrong placement of your finger, oily or wet finger. This may cause harm to the sensors of your Apple watch.
  •  If your finger is wet, avoid touching the Digital crown of the Apple Watch. If you place your dry finger on it correctly, you will see the exact results on the screen.
  • If you see “Atrial fibrillation,” it means that your heart is not in excellent health. In such a situation, it is recommended that you go to the doctor. You should not worry if your watch shows a low and high heart rate.

Other Wearable Devices with ECG Sensors

Apple Watch is not just a wearable device with ECG sensors. There are several others such as Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Fitbit Versa Lite, and Oppo Watch.

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Which Is The Best 2021 AntiVirus: Webroot or Norton?

There is a bunch of antivirus softwares out there and to find the best out of those is quite distressing.

Antivirus software is a computer-oriented program that is used to protect the users’ devices from external online threats. The software was initially developed to find and eliminate computer viruses. However, as the threats related to online activities increased, the software also upgraded accordingly. Now the antivirus softwares also provide protection from other malwares.

The latest antivirus also protects the devices from adware, fraudtools, spyware, backdoors., keyloggers, browser hijackers, etc. Yet, it is difficult sometimes to choose among plenty of options. Some antiviruses are best for Windows but not so useful for macOS users. So it becomes confusing to find out the software best for you.

In this article, we tried to compare two popular antivirus softwares, Webroot and Norton. Both antiviruses have unique features. They have a lot of similar characteristics yet so different from each other. We will discuss those similarities and differences for better-compared results.

Before jumping into the comparison, let’s know a little bit about each of them to understand better.


NortonLifeLock distributed and developed the Norton AntiVirus in 1991. The software also has other additional features, including phishing protection and e-mail spam filtering. Norton provides a one-month free trial and is available at the cost of $39.99 for a one-year subscription.

The users can download the software from the official site of Norton.


The company of Webroot SecureAnywhere was founded 23 years ago on 5 July 1997 in Colorado, US. The software is very useful for users with Mac devices. The users can use the antivirus for a 14-days free trial. The customer can also buy a one-year subscription at the cost of $29.99.

The users can download the antivirus software from the official site of Webroot (

Comparison Features of the Softwares

Webroot and Norton are both incredible softwares in their own way. Now we will try to find out the difference in the features and discuss which one is best.


It is a feature that provides users prevention against unwanted e-mails, advertisements, etc. Norton has the additional feature of anti-spam. Whereas, Webroot does not offer any such feature to its users.

Ease to Use-

Webroot has an easy, user-friendly interface. The users of the software can smoothly use the software without any hassle. But, the interface of Norton is not as straightforward as Webroot.

VPN Service-

A virtual private network (VPN) is an extended private network across the public network. It also allows the users to receive and send the data across the public or shared network. It helps with security, management, and functionality. Encryption is one of the common features of a VPN connection.

Webroot antivirus software does not provide any VPN service. In contrast, Norton has the additional feature of a VPN service.

E-mail Support

Webroot allows its user to use the feature of e-mail support. On the other hand, Norton does not allow the feature.

Phone Support

The team of Norton antivirus is always available for its users. The customers can easily contact the supporting team with phone support. However, Webroot does not provide any such facility to its users.

Highlights of the Software

Below are some highlighted features of Webroot and Norton


  • It has cloud-based elimination and spotting of malware.
  • It is compatible with the four major operating systems.
  • The users can use the antivirus software with outdated operating systems and devices.


  • The software is reliable and safe to store data.
  • It also provides a flexible scanning option.
  • It blocks the unlicensed software.

In this world of growing cybercrime, online users must have effective antivirus software on their devices.

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Best Deals Of Microsoft Office in 2021

Microsoft Office has plenty of products, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The brands’ products are costly, but users can get a great deal if they purchase multiple packages.

Microsoft is an American multinational technology. It was founded about 45 years ago on 4 April 1975. Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded the company together. It is best known for its various software projects, including the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. Microsoft is considered to be one of the Big Five information technology industries in the U.S.

In this article, we tried to talk about a bundle of deals that the users can get on Microsoft ( products. Read till the end to get a handy guide to buy the best project in your budget.

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest version of MS Office, which is available for both Mac and Windows. It is the successor of the 2016 version of the Office.

The new Personal Version can feature in Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint as the core software. At the same time, the Professional version has the same application as in Office 365. There is another thing the user should know while purchasing the Office’s product is that MS Office 2019 only allows for one-time installation on macOs or Windows- it won’t allow the installation in multiple devices or any other gadgets.

Microsoft Office 365

MS Office 365 is a part of Microsoft office. The users of Office 365 can use the additional updates of the software without paying any extra charge. It is a subscription-based application along with other Office apps like Publisher, Access, and Microsoft Outlook.

The users can install the software on any compatible devices, including Mac, PC, or smartphones that he/she own. However, Microsoft Office 365 is the most expensive product. It is also the most featured application too. Office 365 is one of the prior choices of serious users, business owners, and professionals.

Microsoft Office 2016

It is another version of Microsoft Office productivity. Microsoft Office 2016 is an advanced version of MS Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011. The software is compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2. However, Microsoft has ended support for MS Office 2016 in October 2020. Hence the users won’t get any upgradation like bug fixes or security. If the user’s needs are simple and straightforward, then this will not be a huge problem for the consumer. Office 2016 also does not have any subscription fees.

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5 Best Antivirus Software of 2021

Hackers are more active nowadays. Hackers have victimized over 50 to 70% of Americans. In such attempts, the victim’s personal information, including birth dates, social security number, credit card number, and bank statements get compromised. The compromised data is then used on the dark web, which can ruin your financial and professional life. On the dark web, people’s personal information can be sold for $60 to $80.

To prevent yourself from any online threat, installing software on your business and home devices is necessary. The antivirus softwares are becoming more advanced day by day. They help users beyond online threat protection and detecting viruses.

However, there are hundreds of such softwares in the market, and choosing one out of them must be confusing sometimes. It is also hard to decide which antivirus is best for your use. Hence we tried to research some best softwares recommended by cybersecurity experts. And after a thorough investigation, we have prepared a list of our top five antivirus programs. Let’s find out what those are.


Webroot SecureAnywhere is an American cybersecurity software that provides online safety to businesses and consumers. The company was founded around 23 years ago on 5 July 1997. It was founded in Colorado, US, and the company’s headquarters is now in Broomfield, Colorado.

The software is best for Mac users. However, Mac devices are safe from viruses and cyberattacks as compared to Windows PC. Still, they are more prone to cyberattacks, ransomware, malware, and Apple-targeted viruses.

Webroot SecureAnywhere helps to leave a small footprint on the operating system. It is also one of the best and fast security scans. The software is also efficient and has the same user interface for Windows users also.

Here are the pros and cons of the Webroot SecureAnywhere software:


  • It scans viruses efficiently and fast.
  • It provides incredible malware detection.


  • It has insufficient and restricted testing data.

To install the software, visit the official site of Webroot SecureAnywhere or click on the You can get a 14-days free trial. And the user can use the one-year subscription by spending only $29.99.


The company was founded in 2001 by Florin Talpeș, who is now the chief executive officer of the company. Bitdefender Plus is the software that provides its users the endpoint security software, internet security, anti-virus software, and other cybersecurity services.

Bitdefender Plus is basic antivirus software that helps low or no technical skill users to protect their devices. The software is available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Here are the pros and cons of Bitdefender Plus:


  • The software offers ‘Do Not Track’ feature for more privacy.
  • It has the “password manager” option.
  • It can also detect ransomware.


  • The users can use the VPN feature only with a separate subscription.

To install the software, visit the official website of Bitdefender Plus. The users can get 30 days of free trial and have to pay $26 for a one-year subscription.


Norton AntiVirus was rolled out 29 years ago in February 1991. It is distributed and developed by NortonLifeLock. It provides the best antivirus for Windows devices. The antivirus software provides the users with the feature of identity theft.

Here are the pros and cons of Norton AntiVirus:


  • It provides excellent protection against malware.
  • The software also has the feature of “password manager.”


  • During the full scan, it slows down the user’s device.

The software gives a one-month free trial and charges $39.99 for a one-year subscription.


McAfee Antivirus Plus is one of the popular softwares for its usage on multiple devices. The company was founded in 1987. The American cybersecurity company has the headquarter in Santa Clara, California.

Here are the pros and cons of McAfee:


  • It has an amazing malware detection feature.
  • It offers protection for gadgets, including iOS and Android.


  • McAfee has no parental check.

The users can use the two-year basic subscription for $19.99 per year.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Antivirus+ is an incredible antivirus system at a reasonable subscription price. The company was founded in 1988. It has its headquarters worldwide, including Texas; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and Tokyo, Japan, etc.

Here are the pros and cons of Trend Micro:


  • The users can get the software at an affordable price.
  • It also provides many bonus features.
  • It secures online transactions.


  • Trend Micro is only available for Windows.

The above are a few best antivirus softwares of 2021 that you must try.

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Solar-Powered Ariel Robot Can Clean Swimming Pools

Say Ariel and many will create an image of a detergent in their minds. Of course, this product has massive fame in Europe and the US. But, there is an arrival of one more product named Ariel in the market. And, this can act as a game-changer in the cleaning technology with better sanitization. Hence, one can say that because it uses solar power to run itself, it is like a robot using clean technology to clean the pools in our vicinity. One can see the first look of this robot in the upcoming CES 2021 event, which is going to be held on this 11th January. Hence, it can be that nudge or a driving force to cast its influence over more usage of clean technology using solar power. Let’s understand the working principle and features of this new robot.

Latest Development

An organization pioneering and harnessing solar energy norms, Pivot Solar-Breeze has come up with the Ariel robot. One can use this robot to clean the swimming pools in private and public places. As per the statements from Paul Sim, Vice President, Pivot Solar-Breeze, Ariel robot has the capability to remove stains up to 95%. These stains include dust, dirt, pollen, leaves, hair, and oil. Also, due to solar power, one can save fuel costs and decrease the device’s mobility and dependency on fuel. According to the organization, automated surface cleaning can be the next potential industrial cleaning practices in the future. Even the swimming pool industry can use Ariel as a critical element to optimize their swimming pool maintenance cost and not compromise the pools’ health profile. With time, this cleanliness robot will get more acceptance to reduce manual labor and labor cost.

Working Principle

This Ariel robot has a motor that runs using solar power after the battery gets charged. The control system carries the feedback mechanism using the motion and object detection sensor. In a normal mode, it moves ahead and cleans all types of dirty ingredients present in the water. During this time, it constantly monitors the path on which the Ariel is moving and changes its direction in case it detects any wall or obstruction that works as a constraint. When a hindrance comes into detection, there is a generation of a signal or interrupt. This signal then gets transmitted to the robot’s master controller. The controller processes the signal and accordingly changes movement. Inside the cleaning system, the suction unit takes in the dirt and throws or filters out the water from it.

Features of Using Ariel

  • Mesh filter that collects and accumulates micro-particles down to 200 microns in size.
  • Sensors to detect any obstruction and hindrance in the path of the robot.
  • Functional to withstand even in saltwater with salinity up to 6500 ppm.
  • No complexity in stains and dirt removal with no-slip handle from the pool.
  • Prolonged operation with working capability up to 10 hours when fully charged. But, it can operate without the sun’s exposure through 5x surplus power on storage.
  • Functional even in a broad range of temperatures for a range between 40°F to 130° F with a tolerable limit.
  • Moves forward with the speed of 10-20 feet per minute
  • Debris collection chamber that can hold double the regular skimmer basket’s volume.


  • Scrapping-out ability to take out minute particles
  • Highly durable due to good battery life
  • Ability to work in high salinity and temperature
  • Ability to change its path after detecting any obstruction or pool’s end
  • Nominal speed to clean out the dirt particles


On pre-booking, currently, it is available at $468. However, this can arise as per the organization. On their website, there is a timer going on that has been attached to the pricing section. Hence, some can speculate that after a span of twenty days, the price will rise. This price is justifiable considering the one-year warranty it delivers. Apart from this, in case the user feels to return this robot-gadget, there is a 30-days return policy in Pivot Solar-Breeze.


Pivot Solar-Breeze will showcase the new Ariel robot within a week in the upcoming CES event. This solar-power robot has an immense capability to create a new arena or field for automated surface cleaning. If the device is brought into more experimentation, one can explore other domains where this gadget can find its application.

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