Best Supernatural Horror Films According to IMDB

Horror is one of the most popular genres among audiences. It gives you the experience of different worlds and some sleepless nights. Supernatural films are a subgenre of horror, and they have been inspiring Hollywood and its filmmakers for quite a long time. This horror genre includes life after death, religion, demonic possession, the existence of ghosts, and special abilities.

However, the horror genre is vast, and it also contains more realistic tales, including psychological horror, killers and slashers films, crimes, etc. Since Halloween is near, fans with different interests might also prefer supernatural horror movies on their to-watch list.

In this article, we tried to prepare a list of some best supernatural horrors. All the movies will be based on the trusted rating site IMDB, so you can save your time while selecting which movie to watch.

It: Chapter One (2017)- IMDB-7.3

It is a supernatural horror movie based on the 1986 novel of the same name, written by author Stephen King. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti and produced by Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith, Barbara Muchietti, and Roy Lee.

The story revolves around Bill Denbrough, who makes a paper boat for his six-year-old brother, Georgie. And Georgie sails the paper boat along the rainy streets of Derry, Maine. Once while playing, his boat falls into the drain, and when he attempts to retrieve it, Georgie sees a clown in the gutter. The clown introduced himself by the name “Pennywise the Dancing clown” and bites Georgie’s arm and drags him into the sewer.

It is the novel’s first adaption for the big-screen release, and the audience widely accepted the movie. The movie became the fifth-highest grossing R-rated movie and collected a gross of over $701 million worldwide. It was released on 8 September 2017.

The movie received a positive response from both critics and audiences and was nominated for two Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association.

It has received a 7.3 rating from IMDB, a pretty good rating for the horror film genre, and scored 69 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 49 critics.

Poltergeist (1982)- IMDB-7.3

Tobe Hooper directed the movie Poltergeist in 1982. It is a supernatural horror film starring Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams, Beatrice Straight, and Heather O’Rourke.

Poltergeist is set in a California suburb and focuses on the family. Diane and Steven Freeling live in California called Cuesta Verde with three children Robbie, Dana, and Carol Anne, where Steven works as a real estate developer. One-night Anne wakes up and starts to talk with the TV set, which was displaying noise. The next night a ghostly white hand emerges from the TV, which leads to a violent earthquake. The movie was all about the family’s battle with their haunting house.

The film got a fantastic response from audiences and received a 7.3 rating on IMDB. It also holds an approval rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 61 reviews.

Carrie (released in 1976)- IMDB-7.4

Carrie is another supernatural horror film that is directed by Brian De Palma. The film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name published in 1974. Lawrence D. Cohen wrote the screenplay of the movie. The movie stars Sissy Spacek in the role of Carrie White, along with Amy Irving, Piper Laurie, William Katt, Nancy Allen, John Travolta, and Betty Buckley.

The film’s storyline starts with a 16-shy-old girl, Carrie White, who lives with her mother, Margaret. She is an unpopular kid in her school and often got bullied by her friends. Suddenly, she experiences her first period during her school classes, and she panics as Carrie did not know about the process. Her classmates start humiliating her, throwing tampons at her while chanting “plug it up.” When she tells this to her mother, Margaret assumes that her menstruation results from her sinful sexual fantasy and locks her in the prayer room. Later, Carrie decides to uncover her telekinetic power and cause horror to those who have hurt her.

The movie got a fantastic response from the audience and critics. Carrie got a 7.4 rating from IMDB and held a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 66 reviews, with a rating of 8.3/10.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)- IMDB-7.5

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a slasher movie directed and written by Wes Craven. It stars John Saxon, Heather Langenkamp, Ronee Blakley, Johnny Depp, and Robert Englund.

The plot revolves around four teenagers who live in the fictional town, Springwood, Ohio. Tina Gray wakes up from a bad dream, one of the teenagers when a disfigured man tried to attack her in a boiler. The next morning, she told her friend Nancy about the plan. In the plot, a clawed and burned supernatural ghost, Freddy Krueger, haunts his victims in their dreams.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is considered to be one of the greatest horror movies. The critics praised the film as the boundaries between real and imaginary. On IMDB, it got a rating of 7.5 and received a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 52 reviews with an average rating of 7.73/10.

The Evil Dead (1981)- IMDB-7.5

Sam Raimi directed the cult classic The Evil Dead. The movie is produced and starred by Bruce Campbell. The movie follows five University students- Linda, Ash Williams, Cheryl, Scott, And Shelly. They go for a vacation in an isolated place in Tennessee. In that cabin, they find a demonic book titled ‘Naturom Demonto,’ which means Book of the Dead. They also discover a recorded tape and the book, and as they play the tape, the demonic spirit gets unleashed. The movie received a 7.5 rating, according to IMDB. It holds an approval rating of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 60 reviews, with an average rating of 8.04/10.

These are few handpicked supernatural horror movies according to the ratings on IMDB.

iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo Screen? Here’s How to Fix it

Is your iPhone not going past the Apple Logo screen while starting up? If you said yes, then it means your device has some issues, but it doesn’t mean you cannot fix it. Do not be anxious as there are still some ways that you can try to troubleshoot the ongoing issue. If you think you have done something strange to your device or broken it down, you should not worry about it. This article has some practical resolutions to fix an iPhone that freezes on the Apple logo during the startup.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Reasons for Your iPhone Freezing on the Apple Logo

When there are some common or critical glitches in your device’s operating system or firmware, it might cause your device to stick on the boot screen. It can be pretty puzzling for a regular user to find the exact cause of this problem.

Here are the common reasons for the Apple logo to stick on your iPhone screen:

  • Glitches in the newer iOS update
  • A malfunction during the jail-breaking process
  • Installing a Beta iOS on your iPhone
  • Sharing data between an older iPhone to a new iPhone
  • Malfunction in the hardware or components

Troubleshooting an iPhone That is Stuck on the Apple Logo

If you have noted your iPhone freezing on the boot screen for more than 20 or 30 minutes without any changes, you should try these three effective fixes:

Fix 1: Rebooting Your Device

Most users who have encountered this problem have fixed it by simply restarting their phones. All you need to do is try a simple restart and see if that fixes the problem. In case a normal restart doesn’t work, you can try a hard reset that might effectively resolve the issue.

 Fix 2: Use Recovery Mode

Putting your iPhone into the recovery mode can fix the Apple logo stuck problem. Recovery mode basically troubleshoots all problems related to the operating system. The Recovery mode allows users to use their devices without the operating system to fix the ongoing issues. Even if there are some issues with the current iOS, you can easily resolve them with recovery mode. The recovery mode also allows you to install a new copy of the iOS on your device effortlessly. You can also use your iPhone’s old backup to replace the current operating system using the recovery mode. It’s a practical solution to troubleshoot hazardous problems.

Fix 3: Running DFU Mode

Also known as Device Firmware Update, the DFU mode prevents your iPhone from starting up and enables you to install an older backup of your device. You can also use this mode to install the latest iOS version, which will likely resolve the Apple logo stuck problem on your iPhone.

You can quickly learn how to use the DFU mode on an iPhone to resolve the problem.

So, when your iPhone has a frozen Apple Logo screen and is not responding to touch, then try out the solutions mentioned above.

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Free Movie Streaming App Roku Launched on Amazon Fire TV

Each one of us possesses the quality to find services that cost nothing in return. If not for free, we try to bargain at markets, stores, etc. If you’re a huge fan of streaming content online, you must be familiar with the Roku Channel that is a one-stop-shop to stream content from different online platforms, that too for free.

The Roku Channel was introduced in 2008 in collaboration with Netflix and was limited to Roku devices only. Therefore, with time the platform expanded itself for desktop and mobile browsers. Not only this, but recently, a separate Roku app got released for iOS and Android users.

Hold on, that road hasn’t ended yet! The Entertainment company Roku has now come up with ‘The Roku Channel,’ which is available for Fire TV devices. In simple words, the app is available to download through the Amazon App Store for Fire TV.

The source of the majority of Roku’s revenue is through advertising and subscriptions. Therefore, it is evident that the channel is trying to make its way and reach as many people as possible. As announced by the Roku executives, the brand has reached an estimated 43 billion people across the US. According to them, even if a small number of that portion accounts for their time watching The Roku Channel, it can do wonders and generate revenue.

It is excellent news for all the dedicated Amazon consumers as a new streaming option is available to them for free. Most of all, it cuts down the need for an additional platform that requires investing. You must note that The Roku Channel has paid add-ons that offer additional features. Fortunately, or unfortunately, users can stream the app only if you own a smart Fire TV.

In case you own a Fire TV with voice remote control or an Echo speaker, you can use voice commands to access the free streaming content online. For instance, “Alexa, launch The Roku Channel App.” Alternatively, you can locate the Roku Channel using the Search Bar at the top of the screen. One of the most notable features of The Roku Channel is that it doesn’t require an additional sign up for Fire TV users. Also, login-free access is enabled on the web as well. However, you can’t manage to use The Roku Channel for Fire TV devices and sign up for channels like Showtime. If you’re willing to sign up for premium channels, you must visit the Roku website or use any of the company’s devices.

The Roku Channel is a platform that supports ads, but apart from it, all the users can access unlimited content for free. The company also has advanced features and additional content apart from the free service available for the customers who are willing to pay.

Not only movies and shows, but The Roku Channel also has the availability of 115 live streaming channels and a library full of old shows and movies. One of the primary concerns of a parent is if their children are watching kids-friendly content. Roku has plucked the difficulty out of your way as it offers separate sections for family and kid-friendly content.

Why are you still waiting? The Roku Channel is rolling out for Amazon Fire TV devices, Smart TV sets, and Fire TV Edition soundbars. Most of the users have been waiting to discover platforms that offer free streaming content, and the opportunity has finally arrived through Amazon Fire TV. It’s time to relax and binge-watch your favorite shows and movies.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Google TV on Android TV

Recently, Google has come up with a new Chromecast after a break of almost two years. The Chromecast comes with a new TV user interface called Google TV. It’s not just a home screen replacement, but a haul of Android TV operating systems.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-side guide that you can follow to install Google TV on Android TV. But first, make sure you have the APK for Google TV Home. There are various options available to download this. There is an app called “Send Files to TV” which you can use to transfer. Once you are done with the transfer, then you can use FX File Explorer to complete the installation process.

  • Now, go to your Android device and go to the “Device Preferences.”
  • Click on the “About” option and tap on the “Build Version.”
  • Then press the Build Version option until it gets enabled.
  • Then access the “Developer Options” by going to the Device Preference menu.
  • Enable “USB Debugging,” and “Network Debugging.”
  • Go back to the “Settings” menu and go to “Device Preferences” and then “About” and click on Status for your IP address.

Once you are done with the steps as mentioned above, run the following commands:

  • Connect the device using adb connect and the IP address. Once you run this command, a pop up will appear asking for your permission to allow the computer to connect to your Android TV.
  • Once your device is connected and ready for further commands, disable the stock launcher. (Make sure you already have Google TV home screen installed)
  • Now, your Google TV home screen is available. Here, if you need, you can switch back to your previous Android TV home screen by running the command “adb shell cmd package install-existing”
  • This command will delete your Android TV preferences, but will also prevent Google TV Home Screen from taking over.


The overall switching experience will not be going to flawless for you. There will be several aspects where you can feel disappointed, like a search option. But the overall core experience works pretty well. You will be able to locate your applications and watchlist. Along with that, you can also pull out your music from Play Music Library. Google TV is not just a home screen, there have been so many changes to the operating system, as a quick launcher swap won’t replicate an older version. However, most of the devices are expected to get an update soon.

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Top 6 Electrical Engineering Apps for Android

Electrical engineers are very helpful as they make a bunch of electronic products for us. And for all the electrical engineers, we have brought a list of some excellent engineering apps that can help them in various ways. So, let’s get started.

Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering is quite a straightforward electrical engineering app that provides a variety of basic information related to electrical engineering for quick reference. Some examples include a list of conductors and insulators, Kirchoff’s circuit laws, RMS value of AC waveform, and many other things. The app even features Material Design and has an excellent search function. The user interface of the Basic Electrical Engineering app is quite straightforward, and it is entirely available for free to use with ads.

Electrical Engineering Dictionary

Electrical Engineering Dictionary is a fantastic engineering app that boasts a bunch of formulas along with more than 3,600 words, various equations, a calculator for conversions, and many more things. The app also provides a set of learning tools for students, such as quizzes and many other things. You can also save frequent terms for further reference. It is undoubtedly a great engineering app for professional engineers as well as students, and it is available for free to use. The app even features a premium version that you can purchase for $1.49.

Electronics Toolkits

Electronics Toolkits is another amazing electrical engineering app that allows you to check a variety of things related to electrical engineering. The app provides you with a bunch of reference material, including LED resistor codes, resistor color codes, SMD resistor codes, a unit converter, a voltage divider calculator, and many other useful tools. The Electronics Toolkits has a clean and user-friendly interface, and you will not face any difficulty while using it. Electronics Toolkits is available for free to use, and it also has a premium version that you can buy for $2.99.


HiPER is an excellent scientific calculator that can help electronic engineers do quick calculations and measurements. HiPER provides a bunch of fantastic features including up to one hundred digits of significance and nine digits of exponent, various tools for the conversion of units, and over 90 constants for quick use. The app is quite simple, and you can use it for free as well as purchase its premium version for $3.49.

Mobile Electrician

Mobile Electrician is an outstanding reference guide app for electrical engineers that provides a bunch of useful stuff including various capacitor and resistor stuff, Ohm’s Law, multiple calculators, and much more other stuff. The app works pretty well, and it is available for free to use with ads. You can remove the ads from Mobile Electrician by purchasing the app’s premium version for $1.99.


PartSeeker is another decent electrical engineering app that can help you find various parts and components of electronic objects. To find any component, you just need to type the name of the component in the search bar and the app will provide you with a link to an online store where you can buy it. PartSeeker has quite a straightforward user interface, and it works pretty well. Sure, you can use Google Search to find the components, but it might not show you as specific components as this app can. This app is not available for free to use, so if you want to get access to PartSeeker, you will have to purchase it for $1.99.

There are plenty of other electrical engineering apps also out there, but the above-mentioned electrical engineering apps have very simple user interfaces and offer plenty of useful features that you may not find in other apps. So, I would recommend you to try a few of the apps mentioned in the article. Thank you for reading it.

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Apple TV Not Updating to tvOS 14? Here’s the Fix

As you can officially install the tvOS 14 updates on your Apple TV, some people are complaining about not being able to do the same. Sometimes, if your Apple TV isn’t updating automatically, you still have got a shot at doing it manually. However, if there are complications still occurring, you’ll have to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Below is a guide on multiple methods to follow to fix the updating error on your Apple TV. If you’re keen to know more about the same, read along!

How to Fix if Your Apple TV Won’t Update to tvOS 14?

Here are the potential fixes to update your Apple TV to tvOS 14:

Force Quit the Settings App

If you’re looking for the update in the Settings app and it’s not presenting any info, you might want to force quit the app on your TV. All you need to do is long-press the ‘Menu’ button on your Siri Remote, and it’ll be done.

Restart the Apple TV

If you’re still facing issues, you may restart your Apple TV and the steps to do the same are:

  1. Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on the ‘System’ option in the Settings app.
  3. Select the ‘Reset’ option.

Alternatively, you can long-press the ‘Menu’ and the ‘Home’ button on your Siri Remote until your Apple TV restarts.

Restore Your Apple TV

If your Apple Tv isn’t updating, you can restore the same by plugging it on your Mac. Use the USB-C cable to plug both the devices and restore using Finder. The steps are as mentioned below:

  1. Plug in your Apple TV with your Mac with a USB-C cable.
  2. Launch ‘Finder’ on your Mac.
  3. Select the name of your Apple TV under the ‘Devices’ section.
  4. Select the ‘Restore Apple TV’ option.

Restore Your Apple TV to Factory Settings

If you have an Apple TV 4K, it doesn’t connect to the Mac because of the unavailability of a USB-C port. Thus, you can restore your Apple TV to factory settings to fix the issue. All you need to do is unplug your TV and wait for a few minutes before restarting it. Repeat the process five to six times to send your Apple TV to the Factory Reset Mode.

Remember, this method is recommended to use only if your Apple TV freezes and isn’t responding at all.

In case, none of the above-mentioned fixes works for you, it’s time to book an appointment with the Apple Store. You must keep the serial number of your device handy to give it to the professionals.

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Bleach: The Radical Change in Law Abiding Byakuya Kuchiki

The escorts of the death, Soul Reapers have the duty, to take the souls of the dead to the afterlife as well as to purify Hollows. Byakuya Kuchiki is the quintessential professional who is entirely dedicated to his duty. There was once a time that Ichigo Kurosaki was his adversary, and he couldn’t stand his guts. But all of those things changed when he met Ichigo, which led to the reform of the entire Soul society.

Although some of the Soul Reapers might be eccentric, that is not the case with Byakuya Kuchiki, who is an exemplar reaper like Rukia. He has many responsibilities that he has to take, apart from being the Reaper as he is also the head of the Kuchiki family, but those factors hardly affect him since he is always up to the task. He believes very strongly in abiding the law, and he never lets any situation get to him. His skills and experience put him in a different league as his rigid convictions help him balance his work as a Soul Reaper and the head of the noble family as well.

He is committed to his believes and takes his work very seriously. It is almost impossible to think that someone like him can ever break the law, but the seemingly impossible has happened in the past albeit only twice. He made a mistake for the first time when he married the commoner Hisana and broke the law for the second time when he brought her late wife’s sister Rukia into the family. But those acts are not the norm but an exception for him as he is the epitome high-minded and disciplined Soul Reaper. He sets an example for all other Soul Reapers to follow.

Initially, Byakuya is portrayed as an antagonist. Still, not the usual kind, he is not driven by some sinister goal or pursuit of power but by his inflexible convictions of duty. It was his rigid views on the law that made him do morally questionable deeds. He took his sister to court not because he is some villain but only because of his commitment to the law which he can’t disregard even in the case of his sister. Even Ichigo Kurosaki tried stopping him but to no avail as he failed to do so. But that gave him a clear objective to train to defeat Byakuya both on his beliefs as well as in combat.

Everything changed for Byakuya when he fought Ichigo. He was not a devil who drew pleasure in hurting his loved ones to uphold the law. But his responsibilities and the rule of law meant so much to him that he did the lawful thing with a disregard for personal relationships. Ichigo impressed Byakuya with his stubborn desire to help Rukia. When Ichigo succeeded in drawing the fight, Byakuya wanted to know what made him go this far, to which Ichigo replied that his relationships mattered more to him than law. Byakuya impressed by him, wanted to make him understand his side as well as he argued that If he wouldn’t uphold the law then who will?

Byakuya later realized how inconsiderate his firm belief in the rule of law had made him. For upholding the law, he has let go of the love and care of his family. By not doing anything for Rukia, he even had gone against his late wives wishes who would never want her sister to suffer. He now started realizing the value of family ties and the responsibility one has towards his loved ones. When the holier than thou, Arrancar Zommari tried to execute Hisana’s sister Rukia, Byakuya did not flinch in stepping up for her help as a brother. This brought about a radical shift in the attitude of Soul Reapers who now fought for their loved ones too and not just for upholding the law. This was a paradigm-shifting change as many more Soul Reapers started doing the same as the line between duty and family responsibilities overlapped for the better.

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Best Karaoke Apps for iOS and Android

Whether you want to become a singer or want to kill time by humming some lines, these karaoke apps are going to be a lot helpful to you. If you love singing, having these apps on your smartphone is necessary for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best Karaoke apps available for both Android and iOS.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! has been developed by Smule which has earned numerous accolades for developing many other music apps. If you are looking for a good app with fantabulous features, Sing! is the best karaoke app on the list. It has a large number of songs that you can choose from. The app has various features and audio effects. You can apply effects to your audio and share your recording with your friends. The app gives you an opportunity to make friends with other artists on the app.


If you want to become a popular singer, this app may really help you a lot. The app lets you add your favorite songs or pick one from the library of songs. You can sing over an instrumental track and share it with your friends or family. It is a great community of singers who follow each other and appreciate each others’ performance. If you are not using Starmaker, you should start using it now. The great thing about it is, it gives you an opportunity to perform live on the app. Starmaker is free, but ads may cause a nuisance.


Is rapping your hobby? If yes, the app will interest you a lot as it offers music of almost every genre. You can choose from the library of songs available in the app. It allows you to record your voice over the music. Similar to Starmaker, it lets you connect with others so that you can get more followers and reach more audiences. If you are looking for an app that offers a great number of tracks to sing over, you should opt for this excellent karaoke app. Whether you are in a romantic mood or a happy one, you will find all types of instrumental tracks here.

Red Karaoke

If you want people to watch you and appreciate your singing skills, you should look no further than Red Karaoke. Red Karaoke can be connected to your TV and will display the song lyrics on the TV screen. This brilliant karaoke app lets you choose from tons of instrumental tracks. The app has a good number of people who may watch your performance. It is free but limits placed by developers may bother you. If you want to get all its features, you can pay for the subscription plan.

The Voice

When it comes to getting popular in the world of singing, it is hard to forget about The Voice. The Voice is an excellent option for those who love singing songs and want to improve their singing skills. You can connect with many other users through this app and attract more audiences by displaying your singing skills. If your singing skills are really worth appreciating, the app will help you gather a lot of fans.


It can record your voice clearly and lets you apply various effects that may assist in enhancing your voice. It offers the pitch-correction tool and feature to tune your voice so that it sounds better. The sharing option on the app lets you share your recording on social media sites of your choice. Singulaa works as a good vocal remover too. If you are an iPhone user, Singulaa is undeniably the best app for you.

All the karaoke apps on the list are amazing and will help you improve your singing skills. So download one now and start having fun.

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What to Expect from Nintendo Switch 2

It has been three odd years since Nintendo Switch first came into the market. The gaming console was released at the beginning of 2017, and after that, the company launched a smaller and handy Nintendo Switch Lite version and an upgraded version as well. However, it has not come up with any next-generation gaming console for which fans are eagerly waiting. It is also worth noting that the company had already announced that it would not be releasing any new Switch system this year.

Many gamers around the world love Nintendo Switch, but nobody will deny the fact that it is not the best console there in the market. Even though we all know that the next Nintendo system is not coming anytime soon, but whenever it does, there are few features gamers want it to have. So here are the top 5 things we all hope Nintendo Switch will come along with.

Transformed Controllers

Gamers who have used the Nintendo Switch console must have seen their character running towards a particular direction for no reason without any tilt or movement. Many might have experienced their Joy-Con getting disconnected suddenly. This can be very frustrating during a crucial game. Due to such issues, there are questions of how long will the Switch consoles last. Nintendo must take these seriously and make sure that the new system does not come up with such defects.

It will be preferable if the controllers of Nintendo Switch 2 are detachable as it is the best thing about Nintendo systems. The addition they can make is to create more comfortable and efficient controllers. Right now, the Joy-Cons are small in size, which makes it uncomfortable for use. Also, the Joystick buttons and D-pad should be a bit bigger. But they also have to keep in mind that the next console is not too big.

Big Screen Size

Currently, the screen size on the Nintendo is 6.2-inch, which is fine, but it can run 720p only in handheld mode 1080p only when docked to a TV. If the display gets a few more inches, it can support 1080p in handheld mode and 4k when docked. The focus of Nintendo is always more on the gaming experience and less on the graphics, so in the new system, graphics should also be enhanced.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the most prominent drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch is that it lacks support for Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can’t connect your wireless earphones with the console. Wired headsets have gone outdated; most gamers are now switching to the undisrupted wireless ones. We expect the 2nd version of the Switch to have support for Bluetooth connectivity; only then can it be justified as a gaming console to be used on the go.

Better Battery Life

We saw a considerable improvement in battery life with the launch of Nintendo Switch Version2, released back in 2019. This certainly helped the console last longer for on-the-go gaming sessions; however, we expect the battery life to get even better in the new version. Un upgraded battery life will surely make it more convenient for long journeys when you’re dependent on the Switch for passing the time.

More Color Choices

Even though the current colors provide a symmetrical and neat look to the Switch. We will prefer if the new variant comes with some new enticing color options rather than carrying on to the two-color based coloring of the current Joy-cons. It’ll be a fascinating fresh look to see the Switch with a unicolor body with vibrant new colors. All the Switch consoles till now have a black back casing. We are expecting to see more colors in the controllers as well as the casing.

The launch of the new Switch may be far ahead at this point. It is going to take a while for the new Switch to hit the markets finally. We hope that the team is up to something promising. Only time will tell how the new Nintendo Switch meets many of these expectations.

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