You must have noticed that whenever you log in to a new application or E-banking or Ordering Food, etc. You get a two-way SMS authentication to check up. However, experts say that this is not the best security method.

According to a poll, Gmail users do not have any two-factor authentication. Clearly, SMS based authentication is the most popular one in the market but it has a few weaknesses behind.

First of all, let’s talk about “Why you might need a two-factor authentication system?” It is named so as it requires the user to put two things in your account: a Password and a security code that is sent to you via mobile.

One factor about text message authentication is that, even if someone has your login details, it won’t be of much good to them as it sends you a one-time password to your registered mobile, which you need to enter for verification.

TIP: Do not reuse passwords for different applications or accounts, in case one password leaks, then other applications have a risk of malicious use though two-factor authentication works in favour of double-checking. Still, it’s not advised to reuse passwords.

Why is SMS Authentication not a good experience for many?

SMS Authentication is not considered an excellent idea by so many people as they think that someone can also steal their phone number, then this kind of security remains of no use.

Some People need more Security than SMS provides

Ordinary people do not have a high risk of getting attacked by SMS security, as it is a lot of trouble in getting to the process. It is suggested not to opt for two-factor authentication to people like Politicians, Journalists, etc. that could be targeted. If you’re someone that stands out of the crowd, you might have a risk of getting caught in the web. But, if you’re a person who goes to a regular job and spends casual social time, no one has a reason to access your accounts or get into your security.

Something is better than nothing at all

Having no security at all is again, a risky factor. SMS authentication as mentioned by some people, is not good enough as it could still cause damage. But what if having no security at all could cause more damage?

A simple answer to this simple question is having an SMS authentication rather than nothing as it still guarantees some security over nothing. Some people are likely to get targeted easily and they should avoid two-factor Authentication, but for people like us have no harm.

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