Don’t hover in the average kill numbers. Step up your game and be a Pro at PubG. Maximizing your kills and pumping blood in your gameplay is essential to be called a master at the game. Well, what’s common in many highly talented PubG players is that all of them have a high KD. Your KD at PubG is a ratio of your kills and deaths. It signals your overall game performance. However, most noobs aren’t even aware of the term. Read on to find out what actually KD stands for, and how your KD is essential. Remember, the higher the KD, the more efficient you are in the game.

KD Explained

If you divide your total kills by your total deaths, you get your KD. Simply defined, it is your ration of kills per death. It indicates the total number of kills you successfully made before dying in the game. Interesting. This is important as it shows how skilled the player is at killing other players while defending oneself.

Increasing Your KD

Your KD rises with the number of kills you make. Thus, you need to make a world of difference in your gameplay. Adopting a few tips and tricks can take you a long way. Gaining kills can be made a simple with the following tips:

Your Usual Squad Is Your Family

Overconfidence kills your chances of making kills. While your usual squad players are trusted mates, random players may not always support you during a crisis. When you decide to play with random people, they can’t always assure you fantastic coordination. The result is that you may lose your life in the game, with your KD remaining stagnant at a low score range. What’s needed is to play with your regular teammates in order to perform well and give a boost to your kills. The higher the kills, the higher the KD.

Hot Zones Aren’t Good Places

Better safe than sorry. It’s never a good idea to shoot yourself in the foot by rushing to the hot zones. You may be thrilled to experience the pressure, but if you want to increase the KD, avoid the red zones. Steer clear of red zones. Instead, you can strengthen your strategies by starting with a safe place. This way, you can make a good loot by adding as many pieces of equipment in your backpack as possible. Grab the good stuff and increase your kills. In this way, you are not avoiding any fun. Instead, you are making yourself ready to make kills. Bingo!

Aimless Roaming Can Kill You

United we stand, divided we fall. If you start roaming aimlessly after you are done with your loot, you may be making the biggest mistake ever. Don’t take your opponent lightly.  Learn to wait for your teammates and then go for the hunt. Looking for other teams without anyone by your side may land you in danger despite having the best of equipment. Don’t lose your chances of survival, just like that.

The Final Note

PubG is not a game anymore; it’s a passion. The makers have been successful in adding life to the game with its unique game design. The recent updates, too, have added fuel to its fan- following. No wonder people want to be a hero in the game. Following some basic yet the most ignored tips can give you a benefit over others. It takes one to have an eye on minor details and robust strategies. In this game of team play, a strong player can lift a newbie, with its valuable support.

Give a hoot to your squad!

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Webroot security products at webroot.com/safe.

Source :-  https://rawebroot.com/ultimate-guide-to-increasing-your-kd-at-pubg/


Want to host a fundraiser? Instagram just made it easy for you

All of us have a secret angel within us who wants to help people build a better life. Believe it or not, no matter what the situation is, the world will never go out of givers. It is you, the givers, who make the world a bearable place to live. Yet, the nonprofits beg to differ. Despite the million givers in the world, Nonprofits are barely scraping by.

Instagram was very thoughtful when it decided to solve the issue. A true amalgamation of coolness and cause, the fundraising feature provided by Insta through its live stories has made it easier for NPO’s to breathe. Do you want to fundraise for a cause? A new solution is up. Go LIVE on Insta, select the organization you wish to fundraise for, ask your followers for funds, and count on your good deeds. All the money will flow to the NPO; not even Instagram can claim this amount.

What’s more? You can actually see who is donating what amount during the LIVE show. So, don’t forget to wave at the kindest contributor.

Why and How You Can Host a Fundraiser on Instagram?

While most countries of the world are working from home, networking sites like Instagram and Facebook are having a time of their lives. Content creators and Influencers are running out of topics, and are thus moving to the never-too-common Instagram Live streaming. Can you name an influencer who hasn’t gone Live in the past few weeks?

Over the past few days, Instagram saw a fantastic 70% rise in Live streaming. Out of all the sessions, music shows, and poetry battles, there were many who did fundraise for NPOs, but, without any easy-to-go feature. Instagram made use of the opportunity and resorted to making the process easier.

On 28th April, the company made presented its fundraising feature through Live Streaming wherein generous influencers can host a live stream, ask for funds, and share it with the NPOs. You can select any from a million Non-Profits listed in the options. To aid this, it also provides them with a fundraising sticker. Charity made simple.

TikTok, too thought of this idea precisely a day before and supported fundraisings. However, the nonprofit options given by the app are relatively limited. Facebook, too wants to jump in here. It also supported the fundraising live streaming. Also, it brought back its “Live with” option, too, making it easier for two individuals to fundraise together.

How to go about it

Going Live on Instagram is a cakewalk.

  • Simply click on the camera icon on the top left corner of your screen. It’s effortless to spot.
  • Now, scroll to LIVE. Yes, it’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, go for the fundraising option and select the Nonprofit you want to aid.
  • You will be able to view the number of viewers at the top of your screen. Notice how many are contributing.
  • You can also keep track of how much money each contributor is donating. Just a kind thought; no contribution is too small.

You can appraise any of the contributors you want. Or simply, wave at them.

What’s “Oh So Special?”

The recently launched fundraising feature on Instagram live streaming is an immensely pensive move. It will not only provide an ease factor to the generous gentry but will also help millions of Nonprofits boom with increased funds. The fact that Instagram cuts no money out of the total amount collected also ensures credibility in donations.

Not a hundred but millions of authorized nonprofit organizations can be benefitted through the move. A list of such organizations is presented as options for the hosts.

Also, the names of the contributors flash on the screen of the host. How else could you define ease?

Choosing one from the many particular facts is difficult. Nevertheless, as an add-on, a special sticker is provided to the host to conduct the fundraising stream. What’s even more captivating is the fact that once you donate an amount, you unlock the new “I donated” sticker. The purpose is to raise awareness for the cause and to make donors feel appreciated. It automatically makes you feel proud!

The Final Note

The move by Instagram is undoubtedly a success mantra for all 3; Instagram, influencers, and the nonprofits. With a vast population of fans moving towards Live streaming, it was the perfect timing for the company to launch this feature. The good news is that influencers like Tori Kelly and Lisa Rinna have already decided to go for fundraising Live streaming. Let’s hope for the best for these exciting influencers.

Source  :-  https://rawebroot.com/now-anyone-can-host-fundraisers-on-instagram/


You must have noticed that whenever you log in to a new application or E-banking or Ordering Food, etc. You get a two-way SMS authentication to check up. However, experts say that this is not the best security method.

According to a poll, Gmail users do not have any two-factor authentication. Clearly, SMS based authentication is the most popular one in the market but it has a few weaknesses behind.

First of all, let’s talk about “Why you might need a two-factor authentication system?” It is named so as it requires the user to put two things in your account: a Password and a security code that is sent to you via mobile.

One factor about text message authentication is that, even if someone has your login details, it won’t be of much good to them as it sends you a one-time password to your registered mobile, which you need to enter for verification.

TIP: Do not reuse passwords for different applications or accounts, in case one password leaks, then other applications have a risk of malicious use though two-factor authentication works in favour of double-checking. Still, it’s not advised to reuse passwords.

Why is SMS Authentication not a good experience for many?

SMS Authentication is not considered an excellent idea by so many people as they think that someone can also steal their phone number, then this kind of security remains of no use.

Some People need more Security than SMS provides

Ordinary people do not have a high risk of getting attacked by SMS security, as it is a lot of trouble in getting to the process. It is suggested not to opt for two-factor authentication to people like Politicians, Journalists, etc. that could be targeted. If you’re someone that stands out of the crowd, you might have a risk of getting caught in the web. But, if you’re a person who goes to a regular job and spends casual social time, no one has a reason to access your accounts or get into your security.

Something is better than nothing at all

Having no security at all is again, a risky factor. SMS authentication as mentioned by some people, is not good enough as it could still cause damage. But what if having no security at all could cause more damage?

A simple answer to this simple question is having an SMS authentication rather than nothing as it still guarantees some security over nothing. Some people are likely to get targeted easily and they should avoid two-factor Authentication, but for people like us have no harm.

Source :-  https://rawebroot.com/sms-2fa-isnt-perfect-but-you-should-still-use-it/


Error codes are always annoying, but the level of frustration rise up a notch when they are accompanied with a BSOD. There are an abundance of blue screen errors you can face on Windows, and one of them is Atikmdag.sys. The error mostly arises after a system update, and here is how it can be fixed:

Launch Full System Scan

  • Navigate to the Windows Start on your system.
  • After that, input ‘defender’ into it and hit the Enter key.
  • You should reach the Windows Defender and twice click on it to open the utility.
  • Go to the left-hand side panel and click on the shield button.
  • Reach the new screen and select the option of an Advanced scan.
  • Now, tick the option of a Full scan to open the full system malware.

Fix System Registry 

If the users are trying to fix the system registry, then they should carefully apply the given steps.

  • Navigate to the Windows logo on your system.
  • Thereafter, input ‘cmd’ into it and hit the Enter key to launch the Command Prompt.
  • You should click on the ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • Then input ‘sfc /scannow’ into it and hit the Enter button.
  • Now, you have to wait for the procedure of scanning to finish and reboot the system.

Upgrade the Windows Operating System

In case you intend to upgrade the Windows operating system, then you can opt to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • Navigate to the Windows logo on your system.
  • After that, input ‘update’ into it and hit the Enter key to launch the Windows Update.
  • You should reach the screen of Windows Update, look for updates and install the applicable updates.
  • Now, once finish the update, reboot the system.

Upgrade ATI Radeon Drivers

If the users are trying to upgrade ATI Radeon drivers, then they should carefully apply the given steps.

  • Hold the Win +R keys at the same time on your system to launch the Run section.
  • After that, input ‘devmgmt.msc’ into it and hit the Enter key to launch the Device Manager.
  • Go to the left-hand side panel of Device Manager and extend the category of Display adapters.
  • Then reach the video card and right-click on it.
  • You should click on the Device Manager then purse the pops-up to save the update.
  • Now, upgrading the video driver on the system, reboot the system.

Run System Restore in Safe Mode

In case you intend to run the system restore in safe mode, then you can opt to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • First of all, you have to turn off your system and switch on it once again.
  • After that, go to the option of ‘Run in Safe Mode’ then press the Enter key.
  • You should reach the Start button, and input ‘system restore’ then press the Enter button.
  • Then pursue the pops-up to get back to a firm restore point.
  • Now, you have to wait for the procedure to finish then reboot the system.

Perform Chkdsk

If the users are trying to perform chkdsk, then they should carefully apply the given steps.

  • Go to the ‘Windows bootable installation DVD’ and boot it on your system.
  • Once pop-up, hit any button to boot from DVD or CD.
  • You should click on the language preferences, select the Next button.
  • Navigate to the ‘repair your computer’ option.
  • You should select the Troubleshoot option and choose the Advanced tab.
  • Go to the Command Prompt option.
  • Reach the Command Prompt and input ‘CHKDSK C: /F’ without quotes.
  • You have to enter ‘CHKDSK C: /R’ into it and press the Enter button.
  • Now, once finish the procedure, reboot the system.

Reinstall Windows 10

The user can reinstalling Windows 10, but they should first make a backup of the data. Reinstalling the OS would most certainly fix the error and your system will start running as usual.

Source  :-  https://rawebroot.com/how-to-fix-atikmdag-sys-bsod-errors-on-windows-10/



If you are planning to upgrade your Window to Windows 10, then you must read this article to avoid any mishaps. Most Windows 10 users have complained that there is some issue in Windows 10 like Static, lacklustre quality and distortion, etc. So, before upgrading, check the solutions of this error.

Install the Drivers Again

  • Go to the Windows logo and right-click on it within your system.
  • Then, click on the Device Manager.
  • You should click on the ‘Sound, video, and game controllers.’
  • Navigate to Sound device and right-click on it then launch the Properties.
  • You have to select the Details section.
  • Reach the menu of drop-down and select the HardwareId.
  • Go to the driver’s signature first value and copy it, then paste it into the web browser of the option and google it.
  • Later, launch the official website, then reach the parallel sound driver and download it.
  • Now, reboot the system.

Upgrade the Drivers

  • Go to the Start menu and right-click on it on your system.
  • After that, click on the Device Manager.
  • You should move down to the option of ‘Sound, video, and game controllers.’
  • Reach the Sound device, and right-click on it, then click on the Uninstall device option.
  • Once finish the install process, reboot the system.
  • You should launch the Device Manager once more.
  • Go to the button of ‘Scan for hardware changes.’
  • Then Windows can install new sound drivers automatically.
  • Now, reboot the system once more and check for improvements.

Launch Windows Audio Troubleshooter

  • If the users are trying to launch Windows Audio Troubleshooter, then they should carefully apply the given steps.
  • First of all, launch the Start and select the ‘cog-like’ button to launch the Settings application.
  • After that, click on the Update and Security option.
  • You should choose the Troubleshoot within the left-hand side panel.
  • Go to the option of Playing Audio to extend it.
  • Now, select the option of ‘Run the troubleshooter.’

Turn off Allow Apps

  • Reach the Sound button from the notification section.
  • Then launch the Playback devices.
  • You should click on the Advanced section.
  • Beneath the tab of ‘Exclusive mode,’ untick the box of ‘Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device’ to turn it off.
  • Now, apply modifications and check for improvements of sound.

Turn off Sound Effects for Standard Playback Device 

  • Select the Sound button and right-click on it within the notification section.
  • After that, launch the Playback devices.
  • Reach the standard Playback device and right-click on it.
  • You should launch the Properties option.
  • Launch the Enhancements section.
  • Now, tick the box of ‘Disable all sound effects’ and verify changes.

Modify the Standard Sound Format on the System

  • You should reach the sound button and right-click on it once more.
  • Then launch the Playback devices.
  • Go to the Advanced section.
  • Now, move to the ‘between different formats’ and select the Test option and check for improvements.

Restore Windows 10

  • Make sure that to backup your essential data on cloud storage or optional partition.
  • After doing that, hold the Windows, and I buttons altogether within your keyboard to launch the Settings application.
  • You should click on the Update and Security tab.
  • Then click on the Recovery option from the left-hand side panel.
  • Select Get Started beneath the ‘Reset this PC’ tab.
  • You have to select the Remove everything then selects the Next option.
  • Now, once you finish the process, the sound problems can be gone.

Source  :-  https://rawebroot.com/how-to-fix-distorted-sound-on-windows-10/


iOS 13.4.5  Public beta 1 version on the way with some new features that need a third-party installation in your device. Apple released iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version software first for their engineers who can use, identify any issue with these updates and fix them.

New in Version 13.4.5

On April 16, 2020, Apple has released iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version. Here are the steps on how to can download and install the iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version on your Apple device.

  • How to create a backup of the iPhone
  • How to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via iTunes
  • How to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via a Profile
  • How to start iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1

1) How to Create a Backup of the iPhone

Before starting downloading and installing a new iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 into your iPhone, we recommend you take a backup of your device. It is an excellent idea when you keep a backup of your device as monthly weekly or daily. Backup is one of the most important portions for the user; it can save you personal data files, photos, and videos, etc. secure to lost. You can also view and use your important data files documents images and videos in another device by entering your email details.

Here are the steps on how to create a backup of your account:

  1. Attach your iPhone with your Windows computer or Macbook.
  2. Start iTunes.
  3. Tap ob the iPhone logo that appears into the menu section.
  4. Here you need to sure that your backup is settings as “This Computer” (or it was the best option when you enabled “Encrypted backup”).
  5. Hit “back Up Now” (tap on “Encrypt Back” and need to attach a password to secure your backup).
  6. Tap on “Back up Application, if you’re asked.
  7. Hit “Command” to launch Preference. (Or visit top the iTunes option and tap on “Preference”).
  8. Hit the “Device” option.
  9. Control-tap on the “Backup” and then select “Archive.”

After this above process archiving will secure your backup and overwrite your backup for further use. You can recover it whenever you want into your iPhone or another iPhone or device where you wish to recover.

2) How to Install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via iTunes

Here are the steps on how to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via iTunes:

  1. Visit apple.com into MacBook.
  2. Hit on “Discover” option.
  3. Hit on “Operating system option” that appears on the upper side of your screen.
  4. Hit “Download.”
  5. Log in to your ‘s account with a user ID and password.
  6. Visit iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 section and then tap on “Download Restore Picture.”
  7. Tap on “iOS restore picture” that is similar to the device that you wish to download and install into your device.
  8. Hit the “Application” option near the “Xcode 11” here, and you need to wait until the downloading complete.
  9. Launch iTunes in the Application folder or Dock.
  10. Attach your iPhone with your Macbook.
  11. Hit the “iPhone” logo that popup in iTunes. Here you might be prompted to put your Device password on your iPhone.
  12. Now grip down the “button” on your Mac Book’s keyboard, and then tap on “Check for Updates.”
  13. Tap on “Download” that appears into sidebar, or the location where you have downloaded iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 restore Image.
  14. Tap on “iOS 13.4.5 restore the image.”
  15. Hit “Open.”

After this above process, iTunes will download and install 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version on your device; this process can take few minutes, so you need to wait until the process complete.

3) How to Install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via a Profile

Here are the steps on how to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via a Profile:

Here are the steps on how to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via iTunes:

  1. Visit .apple.com into MacBook.
  2. Hit on “Discover” option.
  3. Hit on “Operating system option” that appears on the upper top of your screen.
  4. Hit “Download.”
  5. Log in your ‘s account with user ID and password.
  6. Visit iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 option and then tap on “Download.” It will launch the command of downloading and installing the iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 software profile on iPhone.
  7. Hit “Close.”
  8. Launch “Settings.”
  9. Click “Profile Download.”
  10. Hit “Install.” (Here you have to put your password).
  11. Agree to permission and then tap on the “Install” button that appears on the top right side and once in the lower right corner on your screen.
  12. Hit “Restart” to change apply that you have changed on your device.

Here are the steps to install Public beta 1 by itself through the system preference:

  1. Start “Settings” on the Home Screen, hit “general,” and then hit on the “Software Updates.’
  2. When the updates popup on your screen, hit the “Download and Install.’
  3. Put your “Password.”
  4. Hit “Agree on the T&C.
  5. Hit “Agree” to confirm to T&C again.

After this above process, you need to reboot your device to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version on your device, it will take a few minutes, and you need to wait until the process complete.

4) How to Start iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1

When your device reboots to install iOS 13.4.5, there is a little process that you need to do into your device.

  1. Here are the steps on how starts iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1:
  2. Hit “Continue.”
  3. Put your password; iCloud set up will update in minutes.
  4. Hit “Get Started.”
  5. When the above process is finished, you can run the updates version on your device.

Source  :-  https://rawebroot.com/how-to-download-ios-13-4-5-public-beta-1-into-your-iphone/


K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a guitar character. This new guitar character has shaped the game into some interesting. The music event on the island is completely performed by K.K. Slider that plays its own songs and also the requested songs by villagers. In the live performance of K.K Sliver, he performs several songs, but if the player wants to listen to any preferred song, so they can convince K.K. to do it. However, the songs K.K. Slider performs, players can play them when they want in their home, but to do that, players need to register them. Unfortunately, in the game, there is no guide available to use these songs to play, so here is the quick guide to register songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Register Songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Registering tracks into the music devices is an easy process, but before doing that, players have to purchase the tracks they love or need for any other reason. Nook Shopping app access thorough Nook Shop at Resident Services building that always has one song of K.K Slider. The songs in the shop change on a daily basis, so in order to get more songs, players have to check the shop daily for updated tracks.

There is a great feature in the Nook Shopping that it has a default system that allows the user to send any item directly to their friend without the requirement of email or letter. The player should inform their friends to check for the song in the Nook Shop and send it if they find any preferred song. From this process, players will able to find songs faster for registration.

There are numerous songs that players can find through Nook Shopping, but there are also a few songs that cannot be brought. These songs “Animal City,” “Farewell,” and “Drivin” all needed to be requested at the time of K.K. Slider on the island. If the player request K.K to give the songs that he perform, so he will send them through the mailbox to the player.

After having all desired tracks on the list, players can easily register them to playing devices in the home. Finishing the registering tracks will remove the songs from the inventory and will add them to the device for playing those songs. The list of songs will automatically start to play when the player enters the room. If there are multiple songs available in the device, then every song will be added in the query for playing next without stopping. K.K Slider will play a major role in getting and registering the songs because, without the help of K.K., it is impossible to get every song of the game. However, in the Nook Shop, the list of songs will refresh every day, and the player can purchase one song on a daily basis if they don’t have that particular song.

Source  :-  https://elinajohn01.blogspot.com/2020/04/animal-crossing-new-horizons-how-to.html


The sandbox is a mechanism for making devices secure and free from threats on computer devices. It is used for separating running applications for security reasons, generally in a goal to prevent your software from getting infected by harmful files or viruses. It can help you keep the infected files on your computer if you need them for conventional use to access securely. While a file or program is stored in a sandbox, it cannot harm your computer files and operating system.

Windows 10 has a built-in sandbox to make sure top-notch security for its users. When you download apps, songs, videos, and other files from the web, there is no guarantee that these files are free from viruses. Some third-party website is even more dangerous, and downloading content from them is no doubt can be harmful. Your system can be accessed remotely while such malware is active on your device.

However, Windows 10 comes up with top-notch security features, and one of those features is the sandbox. It helps you even access these infected files safely if you need them. Let’s find out how to use the Windows 10 Sandbox professionally.

Is the Sandbox Any Useful?

Here are the main advantages of using Sandbox in Windows 10:

  • You don’t have to install a third-party antivirus in order to access the sandbox. Instead, Windows 10 offers a default Sandbox for users.
  • It is 100% safe and works better than third-party ones.
  • Smart Memory Management.
  • Virtual GPU.
  • Highly Efficient.

How to Use the Windows 10 Sandbox Like a Pro?

To get access to this feature, you need to be a member of the Windows Insider Program. In case you have the newest version for the program, then obey these steps to get started with it:

  1. On your computer, press the Start + D keys at the same on your computer to get to the home screen.
  2. Hit the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time on your device to open the Windows Task Manager.
  3. Once the Task Manager appears, head to the Performance tab using the categories list.
  4. Then see the status if Virtualization is turned on or not in the CPU section. If it is turned off, then make sure to enable it right there.
  5. If your device is working on the host system with the help of a virtual machine, then you have to change to the Nested Virtualization via the “Set- VMProcessor –VMName <VMName> -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true” command.
  6. Once it is done, close all windows and programs running currently.
  7. Press the Start button on your keyboard.
  8. Put in cp and the shatter the Enter key on your keyboard.
  9. Now make your way to the option saying Programs and Features.
  10. After that, on the left side screen from the listed options, head to the Turn Windows features on or off.
  11. Next, a small window will appear.
  12. Find the option of saying Windows Sandbox.
  13. Once you find it, simply select the box located next to it.
  14. Reboot your computer to make changes.
  15. Now once the computer starts, make sure you are on the home screen.
  16. If you are currently not on the desktop screen, then press Windows + D keys at the same time to get to the home screen.
  17. Once you are on the home screen, click on the Start menu button located on the lower-left corner of the screen.
  18. When the Start menu appears, type Sandbox.
  19. Choose the best matching result.
  20. If asked, then press on the Yes to continue.

Now you have successfully opened the sandbox. It will appear just like the new version of Windows, but with the built-in apps and settings.

Introduction to Manage Windows 10 Sandbox

  • Now once you are inside it, you can download or copy the files that are previously blocked by the Windows 10 security software.
  • Either copy the files offline using a USB drive or save it from a website.
  • When you delete files from your Sandbox, it will not be founded in the Recycle Bin; rather, it will be thrown out of your machine.
  • Whenever deleting files, you will see a caution message to reconfirm your decision, so you can use this feature wisely.
  • When you block your Sandbox, all of the work you do there will be permanently removed.
  • Whenever you open the program, again and again, you will find a new Window to work on. Your old work will not be there.
  • Don’t expect that sandbox allows you to access heavy-duty programs since sandbox runs on minimum hardware. No graphics, video RAM is used while running it.
  • You cannot drag and drop a file to this Sandbox.
  • Users are allowed to exit the sandbox just like any other application.

Source  :-  https://elinajohn01.blogspot.com/2020/04/how-to-use-sandbox-on-windows-10.html


Blue Orbs in Doom Eternal are precious, and they can be found in several levels of the game. Doom Eternal offers players several rewards and hidden offers from every level. Offers are of many types some get through the enemies and some earned by completing levels. You can find most of the hidden things in the levels you cross in which some provide excessive lives and some extreme ammo. There are various abilities also available to find, and those can acquire through playing the levels. The higher levels are not easy to handle, where challenges tough. While completing levels there, several hidden things are available, and one of them is blue orbs. In Doom Eternal, blue orbs are helpful, and in the battle, they can be even more valuable.

In every level of Doom Eternal, there are some significant things that players have to do in order to move forward. There are three hell priests that exist in Doom Eternal that will slow down the players to progress the game. Doom slayer collect souls to save the humanity and protect people but for that to happen, there are several progression and ability that player has to use. Now here are the things that can lead you to have blue orbs and some important items that will help doom slayer to save humanity.

Find Blue Orbs in Doom Eternal

Blue orbs are shining in the shape of the skull, and they can be found while passing the levels. These orbs are great because these can refill the health to full and armor to the total limit. These armor and health will refill several times in the game, which also means that some big battle is going to happen soon. In most of the game, when these types of levels come up that refill the health and power, which means a boss level is nearby. The blue orbs also work in a similar way to restore their health for more significant battles. However, it’s not easy to find them in the open location of Doom Eternal.

Blue orbs can only found in the air, and the only feature of these orbs is that these only increase the health. In critical conditions like low on health, these orbs can be so much helpful. Look around in the area of grabbing walls or the large walls where you can easily reach there. To get the blue orbs, players have to look around everywhere. Before the most challenging battles of Doom Eternal, players will be most likely to find blue orbs if they look around perfectly.

Blue orbs not something that can’t be found, it just needed to look on the right area where it is placed. Its definite that it can’t be hidden on every random place. Doom Eternal is one of the most preferred game of this decade. The abilities, weapons, items, and many more additional things that added in Doom Eternal are what make it a superior action game. Well, it’s not mandatory to find the blue orbs, but for progressing the levels and boss, it could be valuable. In the more severe difficulty, there are fewer orbs available, and there four different types of difficulties in Doom Eternal.

  • I’m too young to die.
  • Hurt me plenty.
  • Ultra-Violence.
  • Nightmare.

In greater difficulty, the number of blue orbs is less, but while struggling to find the orbs, you can change the difficulty any time in the game settings. Changing the difficulty will also help in earning the number of trophies conveniently. There is also a battle mode available, which is the BATTLEMODE campaign, and in this mode, you can control the demons. In this campaign, you can also play with other characters and learn their unique abilities and fighting patterns. Doom Eternal is a high volume of violence, and that is why whoever does not prefer to play violent games, they don’t play it, and other players just don’t stop playing it.

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