Best vlog editing apps in 2020

Vlog editing apps play a vital role in editing and stabilizing the videos for professional and personal use as well. These days, people are using their smartphones for making videos and posting them online. Due to the stability factor, the videos or images captured by the smartphones may appear blurred. Sometimes, due to shaking of the hand, the videos do not appear to be in the perfect way it should. To fix these errors, we use vlog editor apps which makes the work easy and accurate. Here we will discuss some of the best vlog editor apps.


Quik app is a top-rated app for editing vlogs and is available to install on both Android and iOS platforms. It has a feature to share your content in high definition to your social media accounts. It has a variety of graphics that the users can apply to the content according to their selection.

Magisto Video Editor 

Magisto Video Editor is another free video editing app and is also very common among the users who love to make videos and share them on social networking sites. It can be run on both Android and iOS platforms. It is beneficial in saving your time by editing your content smartly. Magisto itself performs most of the tasks.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the video editing apps, which is also available to install on Android and iOS platforms. It has several unique features as compared to all other apps, but some of its features are restricted to its subscribed version. You can record videos using this app and edit them either after recording or by uploading the previously recorded video.


Splice is a most featured vlog editing app which is only available for the iOS platform. It provides different kinds of features to the user. It allows the user to record a slow-motion video and then make changes by editing it later. It also allows the user to overlap a song on the current audio of the video. One can do this by using the available songs in the library of the app or by adding your own.


InShot is another Vlog editing app available in the market and runs on both the Android and iOS platforms. It is also available on a free-trial period and chargeable after that. It allows users to edit their images or videos by using its unique tools for editing. It is widely used in image cropping and repositioning.


iMovie is a video editing and sharing app that works only on the iOS platform. As anyone can easily guess from the name iMovie, this app is primarily used to transfer the audios and videos between iPhones, iPads, and other iOS supported devices. It also has very excellent tools for editing images and videos.

Anchor Videos

Anchor Videos is another iOS-based vlog editing app to edit all the videos and images on those devices which run on the Apple iOS platform. Due to its capability of supporting only iOS devices, it has some restrictions imposed on the users. It also has less video editing options as compared to other video editing apps. It is still useful for some of the features available on the iOS platform.


Vizmato is one of the best vlog editing apps which is available to install on both the Android and iOS supporting devices. It is used to record a video in high definition because it has an HD video recorder. You can also customize your text by typing it on the videos. It allows the user to add emoticons to a video before saving it for sharing.


VidLab is the most commonly used video editing app and it also works only on the iOS platform. It has a beautiful feature of letting the user add the images and make a slideshow of them to present it on any social networking site. It is widely used to wish someone’s important date by making a slideshow of their images by adding effects and audio to them.


FilmoraGo is another free vlog editing app. It is available for both Android and iOS supporting devices. It is the most widely used application by professional vloggers. It provides excellent editing tools. It has a feature to edit and enhance the colors of any image, and it can also increase the brightness or the contrast of the images.

These are the best vlog editing apps that are most widely used by users. Nowadays, these apps are playing a very crucial role in helping users by fixing errors and making their videos and slideshows without any blurriness. These apps are also being used professionally in today’s digital world.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for webroot security products at

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Microsoft’s Minecraft Will Stop Using Amazon Web Services

As per the official sources and some media reports, it is clear that soon Microsoft will stop using Amazon’s cloud services to run its popular Minecraft video game.

Minecraft is a video game developed by the Mojang Studios band that was released as a public alpha in 2009 and officially released in November 2011. Microsoft is going to promote their product and cut back from its most fierce competitors’ products.

Presently, Amazon Web Services is a leading name in the public cloud infrastructure market. On the other side, Microsoft is working to promote its own clouding service. Microsoft Azure or Azure is a cloud-based computing service that is developed and run by Microsoft.

Let’s come to the point. Microsoft is planning to avoid using the Web services provided by Amazon to run Minecraft. Instead of AWS or Amazon Web Service, they are going to use Azure.

The spokesperson of Microsoft has stated that Mojang Studios used Amazon Web Services, and now they are planning to shift their cloud services to Azure. They have taken some appropriate steps regarding the shifting of the service over the last few years.

Microsoft has been working with AWS since 2014. If Microsoft uses Azure in place of Amazon Web Services, it means Azure is a direct contender of the Amazon Web Services.

If you see the history of Minecraft, then you will find that it is a game that has gained massive success with 200 million sales. It boasts of 125 million active monthly users. Currently, Microsoft is planning to update and reframe the dimension of Minecraft. The change in the cloud-based service, along with some crucial modifications can change the standard dimensions of the game.

The video game has such a broad base of the players and keeping that in mind, Kelloggs is working on making the cereal based on this game.

With the intent to transfer the cloud-based services, Microsoft spokesperson also stated the timeframe of this transfer in the same report. He said that they would start using Azure as the official cloud-based service for Minecraft by the end of the year. Undoubtedly, it is not an easy task.

It is one of the most significant or bravest steps by Microsoft as they are planning to be self-reliant with their own system and servers. Hopefully, by the end of the year, Microsoft will be able to successfully migrate Minecraft to its own Azure.

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These Movies on Amazon Prime Will Add a Fresh Thrill in Your Life

Although Amazon Prime offers a wide range of movies and series including their original ones there are some cult classics that you must watch if you love thrillers.

There were days when we used to wait for weekends to binge-watch our favorite movie or series. But as a pandemic is going on, you have the opportunity to explore some hidden gems in the thriller genre. Although Amazon Prime offers a wide range of movies and series including their original ones there are some cult classics that you must watch if you love thrillers.

Whether you love twisted plots or unexpected endings, this list will tick all your boxes:


Suspiria is a mind-boggling movie by Luca Guadagnino. It is a story of a young inspiring dancer Susie, represented by very much talented Dakota Johnson. Susie arrives at a reputed dance academy where she encounters some troubles. The story goes on with where one dancer went missing. Susie came to know there is another dancer who died and the other one got badly injured during practice. Susie with the rest of the students decides to investigate the happenings.

A Quiet Place

In the movie, John Krasinski is trying to protect his family from alien creatures after the world has come to an end. He and his wife with their three children trying to survive the deadly predators with extra-sensitive hearing capabilities. A minor speck of sound can tear them apart into pieces. This movie is a very fresh take on thriller filled with suspense and a happy ending.

The Report

The Report is inspired by real events uncovering some of the disturbing findings by Daniel Jones, played by Adam Driver. His boss asked him to look into the 9/11 interrogation methods and what he discovers was a frightening and shocking piece of information where he encounters the harsh reality of investigations.

A Vigilante

A Vigilante is starred by Olivia Wilde, who plays the role of Sadie, a rebel who doesn’t spare domestic abusers. She is herself a survivor and helps other survivors. You will encounter some blood flowing, high-end weapons, and brutal killings.

You Were Never Really Here

A physiological thriller directed by Lynne Ramsey portrays a hitman with a disturbing past. He is rescuing the victims of trafficking, but one case leads to some deadly turns, and he loses everything.


Hereditary is considered as one of the most horrific and disturbing movies of all time. This movie portrays an alarming series of events with some gruesome incidents and lots of blood. This movie depicts how evil passes on into generations and becomes a part of your family.

Cabin in the Woods

Starred by Chris Hemsworth and directed by Drew Goddard, this movie is packed with thrill. In this story, a group of five college friends goes to a remote cabin in the woods, and bad things start happening.

Some of the honorable mentions are Midsommar and Three Days of the Condor.

This list of the movies mentioned above will take you on an exciting ride from start to finish. They will pull you in, build tension with suspense, and keep you guessing until the end.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for webroot security products at

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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Podcast

Have you ever wondered about what a podcast is and how does it work? Or have you ever stepped a bit ahead and thought of starting a podcast of your own?

These questions are genuine because the podcast industry is booming with 55% of new users tuning into its market in 2020. The two main reasons for its growth as it has lower barriers for entry and does not require a lot of technical equipment. You only have to decide your goal in this market and have a flair for creating engaging stuff.

To help you reach your goals, here is a complete guide on how to start a podcast!

Things to Decide Before Starting a Podcast

Once you have decided to start a podcast, there are a few questions you will have to ask yourself.

The very basic thing before starting a podcast is to decide what your podcast is going to be about? Think about your areas of interest or expertise. Make sure that you understand the things you are going to talk about so that you can convey it better. You should be choosing a topic that is unique and interesting. If you feel like you don’t know enough, you can always consider reading more about it.

Next thing is the naming and branding. You have to come up with a unique name for your podcast. It should give a slight idea about the genre and content of your podcast. The cover of your podcast should go hand in hand with your tone and appeal to the target audience.

You also have to consider if you are ready to give a long-term commitment to podcasting. It takes months and years to grow your following. It also requires a significant amount of energy and time. If you feel like you need a team to create content and to host the conversations in the podcast, make sure you build one which is committed to your project. At the same time, you can also choose to be a one-man show!

The last thing you need to decide is the schedule. Think about how often you are going to create a podcast and the frequency of sharing it with your audience. It can be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal. It is going to depend on your goal of starting your podcast.

Tips for Writing, Recording and Editing Your Podcast

Once you are done deciding all the things mentioned above, we are ready with the tips of writing, recording, and editing your podcast.

You have to start with your podcast bearing in mind that the first few episodes of your podcast are going to be rough. Give it a start with the formatting of your episodes. Decide if it is going to be scripted or you are going to do freestyling of your thoughts on the mic. A little bit of organization and outlining of the topic always helps you to keep you from straying too far off-topic though.

After formatting, think about the length of your episode. An ideal length would be half an hour of podcasting, but it is always good to start with a shorter one which can be squeezed easily into the schedule of your audience.

Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a compelling title for your podcast, which should be unique and able to grab your listener’s attention. Don’t forget to create a catchy and real description for your podcast before putting it on hosting sites. Bullet points, timestamps, and transcripts in the description are going to help your listeners.

Recording Your Podcast

The ultimate goal is to record your podcast. You can record your podcast even on a smartphone but for a professionally produced show, you are going to need microphones, a USB audio interface, and a pair of stereo headphones. Make sure the recorded audio is clear and audible. Capture various takes if needed.

Once done with the recording you should use editing software like Cool Edit Pro, Reaper, and Ableton etc. to make the audio crisp and perfect with all the required effects.

Releasing and Marketing Your Podcast

The last step is to put your podcast onto streaming platforms and promoting it. Make your audience know about it using your social media and other tools of marketing. Spread it in your circles, and ask for the feedback.

There is a lot that goes after starting your podcast but hopefully, now you have an idea of how starting a podcast looks like.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for norton security products at

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Can Nintendo Switch Run Crysis?

It’s been 13 years since the Crysis release which required a high-end PC to run heavy graphics. Now after 13 years, fans are seeing it on Nintendo console in a portable format. Crysis Official YouTube Channel posted 30-minute gameplay for fans to look at. After posting the gameplay, fans were left with so many questions in mind. The most common question was, “Can Crysis run on Nintendo Switch?” The answer is yes. Crysis runs smoothly on Nintendo Switch.

Recently Nintendo Life announced that resolution of Crysis while docked will be 720–900p and 540p to 720p on handheld mode. Developers also stated that Switch version would not have the software-based tracing, but the Xbox One and PS4 will. Fans have mixed feelings about this because playing it on their usual platform is not going to disappoint them.

Crysis was released on 23rd July for Nintendo Switch,  but for PC, PS4 and Xbox, no data has been released yet. A franchise like Crysis that is well known for its graphic work appears like an odd step for the game.

Currently, Saber Interactive is handling the port that also worked on the remarkable game “The Witcher: Wild Hunt” on Nintendo Switch. The Witcher: Wild Hunt was a massive hit and was appreciated by almost every player for its graphics and storyline. They did a great job making a huge RPG game run on the handheld, so expectedly they can do the same great work with Crysis too.

The released video from Crysis on YouTube mainly focused on the tech. It’s going to have the destructible environment, voxel-based global illumination, vegetation bending, motion blur, light rays, sunbeams, and depth of field. However, you are also allowed the sight to aim down with the gyro potential of the system similar to the Zombie Army Trilogy.

The Switch is a great way to keep connected with the gaming industry by playing advanced games. Every Nintendo Switch user admires Switch because they can play and enjoy several popular games. Some games contain high-end graphics and some are even available on PS and Xbox platforms.

Now the next thing Switch is looking for is to be a good FPS platform. Indeed, it has Doom and Overwatch, but more than that, the landscape is barren. On the platform, there is no open-world FPS game available, which can be considered as the biggest drawbacks.

During the time of the original Crysis launch, it earned huge applause across the board from critics. Its outstanding graphics made everyone praise the game. Crysis was above many finest FPS games.

Conclusion – It’s a universal fact that to grow in the world, one must require expanding and developing themselves. In the gaming industry, this statement fits perfectly well because time changes and developers have to create something innovative every time. In the gaming industry, development is everything, and expectations of fans for Crysis are very high.

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The kingdom of Asgard is home to the most powerful gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this fictional timeline, the Asgardians are the sworn protectors of the nine realms. At the forefront are Odin (The Allfather), Thor Odinson (God of Thunder), and Loki (God of mischief).

“It is Time to Pass on The Torch”

MCU’s films on Thor have always shown even though Odin is very powerful, he has waited to crown one of his children as the next ruler of Asgard. However, the movie shows Odin favoring Thor as the next ruler.

Addressing Thor as his heir, Odin says that whosoever possesses the power of Mjölnir shall be bestowed with unmatched skill. He further adds that the mighty hammer is a weapon fit for gods and has the potential to destroy or build.

During a scene, the King of Asgard says that he has sacrificed so much to maintain peace in the universe. In addition to this, he adds that the new rulers will also have to give up things to maintain balance with honor and responsibility. At last, he said that these qualities are essential for every King when he takes over the throne.

“You Both Are Unworthy to Rule These Realms”

However, there has always been a debate on how mighty is Odin as compared to Thor and Loki, having ruled the nine realms for millennia. But the way Odin had the strength to banish Thor to earth after almost provoking a war with the Frost Giants or when he imprisoned his first-born Hela (Goddess of death) in hell for trying to disrupt peace in the nine realms, shows why he got the title of The Allfather.

Odin said Thor is not worthy of ruling the nine realms, a king’s title. He further added that the God of Thunder is also unworthy of the support of his loved ones, who he betrayed with his actions. The Allfather swore on his father, Bor before giving the command to banish Thor to Earth.

So, let’s find out if and why the son of Bor, Odin, is the most powerful out of all three of them.

Thor Fails to Match the Power of His Father in Ragnarok

The first instance of Thor’s weakness comes into picture when he fails to beat his sister Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. However, Hela finally meets her demise at the end of the movie by the fire demon Surtur. If we have a look at Odin, he never faced a struggle in any of the wars he fought. The Allfather defeated his daughter Hela and banished her to hell.

The King also managed to defeat the frost giants in Jotunheim and managed to maintain the peace in the universe.

Odin is also mentally powerful and wise because he manages to conceal Loki’s origin a secret for thousands of years.

The God of Mischief is Not so Strong

Meanwhile, Loki is the weakest. The first instance is when Hulk beats the God of Mischief in the first installment of Avengers. The second example can be taken from Thor: The Dark World’s climax. Loki goes on to impersonate himself as Odin and take over the Asgardian throne but in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor catches him during the first few minutes of the film.

Only The Allfather Can Maintain Peace in The Nine Realms

There is no denying that Thor possessed the power of the gods when he wielded Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, and Loki continued to cheat death a couple of times by his tricks. But Odin’s way of battling wars for millennia and maintaining peace in the nine realms while ruling Asgard proves that he is the only God out of the three with enough knowledge and strength in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at

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Radical Rabbit Stew Review: The 16-bit Visuals are Mesmerizing

Most gamers play popular games that seem to be played by many and while big game studios like Rockstar Games and Bethesda have gained a significant amount of players in the gaming market, many feel the top gaming titles don’t experiment enough. This results in gameplay that feels repetitive over several games, after all, you can only go so far with shooting from guns on a map. This is why many gamers have started looking for alternatives in the gaming sphere and have landed themselves in the fascinating space of indie games. Many indie titles have gone to gain positive reviews from many gamers with popular hits like Minecraft and Super Meat Boy, the world of Indie games has always offered a new experience to the gamers.

One of such indie games is Radical Rabbit Stew. Many indie games have resorted to copying the visual style of retro games that spanned across platforms like Nintendo and Sega. This visual style has gained popularity in the indie sphere due to the nostalgia factor that every gaming company seems to have incorporated in their games. The 16-bit gameplay makes gamers feel at home and strips away the complexities of modern games. Retro games were pretty straightforward and made for a fun time. Radical Rabbit Stew seems to have taken the same approach by keeping the gameplay streamlined and adapting 16-bit visuals into the game. However, unlike retro 16-bit games, Radical Rabbit Stew has elevated 16-bit visuals to cater to a modern audience as the beautiful colors and pixels compliment fast frame rates and minimal controls.

Radical Rabbit Stew is an action-puzzle game that requires the players to shoot bunnies into stew pots that are placed in 4 directions. The puzzles have various stew pots that are spread across the map of the level and once all the pots are filled with bunnies, the level is completed. While the gameplay does sound quite simple, the game increases the difficulty as the levels progress. The players are introduced to tools that help them drop bunnies into the pots. These tools include a grappling hook and bombs that move the bunnies across the map. The level of difficulty can be increased by opting for a harder difficulty setting that can be found in the game.

What keeps the game interesting is the combination of interactive style of gameplay which is coupled with graphics that remind everyone of simpler times. The game mechanics also change many times which adds freshness to the game and makes for a fun time while playing the game. Stew pots become shooting stations and sometimes the player is forced to wrap their head around punching sleeping bunnies. The final boss makes for a great ending and while the game may feel short, it is definitely worth the shot. Many might consider this game to be very short but the player may soon realize that the developer has made the gameplay time to be perfect considering the game’s ability to keep the player hooked to 16-bit bunnies.

The game doesn’t try to be the next Mario or Sonic but instead creates its own space in an already saturated indie game market. The game adopts many humor elements like whacking bunnies or throwing them in the air and while serious gamers might laugh at the silly quirks, one can’t help but be fascinated by the details that are quite rare even in the indie market. The animations of the game are extremely fluid and responsive while the controls feel tight and secure. The game starts as an innocent take on a simple idea of collecting bunnies into stew pots but quickly captures the player’s attention through fine details.

The game is not for people who are in the hunt for a seriously challenging game as it seems to get over by the time actual difficulties kick in. The player is not allowed to get familiar with new levels for long enough as the game is quite small. However, the game does not ask for complete attention and bases its gameplay on a fun and cheeky approach which is proved by the sound effects of the game that seem to come right from an old cartoon. Animated sounds of rabbits are nothing short of mesmerizing as the rabbits burp and squeak during the gameplay. Talk about cuteness!

The games come with a multiplayer mode that is perfect when you want to play with your friends and are tired of hard-core first-person shooters. The multiplayer mode aims at bringing the most amount of bunnies into a central stew pot as the bunnies keep spawning throughout the map. While these game modes are fun to play, these are independent of the core narrative.

Radical Rabbit Stew makes for an excellent time-killer as its short length doesn’t require much commitment from the gamers unless they are aiming for perfect scores and collecting every coin in the level.  It is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Everything to Know About IGTV Ads

Videos are all over the internet and are also the most consumed content. According to the estimates of Statista, the mobile video traffic of the world will become 60,889 petabytes per month, by 2022. This will probably be because of speedy WiFi, growing 4G connection, and the emergence of 5G.

To score its position in video marketing, IGTV was launched by Instagram in 2018. IGTV was different from the stories. Stories could only be 30-seconds long and could last only 24 hours. No such barrier was there in IGTV, your videos could be as long as you want and will always be there in your Instagram feed. While most social media videos were only horizontal, IGTV also shows vertically without you rotating your phone.

As soon as IGTV grew popular, Instagram decided to earn money with it by introducing ads on IGTV. This gave a chance for the influencers and content creators to make money by placing ads in their videos on IGTV. This is not just it; there is a lot more to IGTV ads that you must know if you want to benefit from it.

About ads on IGTV

According to Justin Osofsky, the CEO of Instagram, the absence of earnings from the IGTV videos made the top influencers and creators move away from IGTV. Therefore it was thought that Ad profits would be a strong motivating factor for creators to jump into IGTV. This will also lead to increased engagement over the platform and raise its advertising capability.

Alongside this, the developers have kept the affiliation standards of IGTV exactly as YouTube. Hence there are high chances that YouTube’s audience will now move to IGTV.

However, IGTV isn’t the only or first social media video platform to support long-form videos. Snapchat also has ‘Snap Originals,’ which, too, is very similar to IGTV and thus is a good competition for IGTV. What differentiates IGTV from Snap Originals is the time duration of videos. While the Snap Originals can only be 5 minutes long, IGTV permits videos up to 15-30 minutes long, which automatically makes IGTV a better platform for ads.

Using IGTV ads

To make the IGTV ads work, brands, as well as creators, will have to formulate a mutually-beneficial relationship. While creators and influencers must work towards creating immersing video content, brands must get over the fear of low reach on IGTV. If brands and their collaborations can fulfill these two, they can leverage the IGTV ads by carrying out some of the best methods. Though there are no details given by Instagram about how the ads should be, we can assume that they must be similar to that of videos on IGTV, like:

• Prescribed video duration is 15 minutes if uploaded via mobile and 60 minutes if uploaded via the web.

• The video must be in MP4.

• The aspect ratio for landscape video is 9:16, and the horizontal video is 16:9.

• A minimum of 30 frames per second is advisable.

• The resolution required must be a minimum of 720px.

• If the video is of less than 10 minutes, the file should not be of more than 650 MB, and if it is of less than 60 minutes, then the file should not be more than 3.6 GB for videos.

• The ideal dimension for the cover photo is 420×654 pixels.

To make ads more engaging, brands can use attractive branding and top resolution visuals. Other than that, using an impressive CTA will encourage viewers to interact with the advertisement. Similarly, creators must share their IGTV into their feeds. This small preview of your video will act as a bridge towards your video.

You cannot clearly say if IGTV is worth it as it is still exploring its place in the market even though it has been active for more than two years and ads on IGTV are entirely new. But when during 2018, Facebook altered its algorithm, video content creators found their place in IGTV. Though there are not much details and data available about IGTV and its ads, if it’s able to function correctly, it can prove to be good. But first, IGTV will have to get hold of the ground to attract brands to invest.

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Binge Watch on These Best Live Streaming TV Services

Live streaming is an online streaming service that acts more or less like watching a TV. You can stream the latest on-demand shows online directly to your TV and no extra device is required in the process of doing so. You only need to subscribe to the online streaming services and connect it to a good Wi-Fi connection. Although, online services like Disney+, Netflix, etc. already provide you online streaming services but it requires extra devices to connect it to your TV. You can save money by not getting an extra device like Fire Stick TV and switching directly to online TV streaming.

If you are wondering which TV service will be the best to buy, we have picked up some of the best and most liked live streaming TV services. You can choose either of them as they all vary in price, shows, etc.

  1. Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu+ Live TV is currently the most liked streaming service that provides over 65 channels that features the on-demand exclusive shows and movies. It also has its own original shows. It allows you to customize your watchlist and personalize your profile. You get one week of free trial and then you can switch to a subscription that costs $54.99/month which you can cancel anytime. You can watch or stream on two screens at the same time. You also get 50 hours of cloud DVR space that can be extended upto 200 hours. You can subscribe to add-on that can cost between $4.99/month-$7.99/month.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV is a good yet cheaper option as they have three tier subscription plans. Sling Orange that costs $30 for 30 channels, Sling Blue that also costs $30 but its channels are different from the Sling Orange, lastly they have Sling Orange+Blue channel that is a combination of the previous two plan’s channels that costs $45/month. You get 10 hours of cloud DVR for no extra charges which can later be extended up to 50 hours by paying additional $10/month.

  • YouTube TV

It allows you to stream three devices at a time with the monthly charge of $49.99 and provides over 70 channels. You also get free and unlimited cloud DVR space. It also includes local channels such as NBC, ABC, CBC, etc. along with few regional channels as well. Although some of the pro sports are not there, it is still the favourite choice of a lot of people.

  • AT&T TV

This streaming service allows you to stream on three screens. It is popular because of its two-tier subscription plans, i.e., Plus plan and the Max Plan. The plus plan costs $55/month for over 45 channels and the max plan charges $80/month for over 60 channels which also includes HBO, HBO Max and Cinemax. You also get the benefit of a 500 hours long DVR cloud for free.

  • Fubo TV

This service is specifically an ideal choice for all the sports fans as it provides more than 100 channels for $55/month on two screens and free cloud DVR storage for 30 hours. With additional $5/month, the cloud DVR storage extends up to 500 hours and you get to stream on three screens as well. They also have an Ultra plan that provides over 180 channels for $80/month.

  • Philo TV

This streaming service has the cheapest plans that starts with $20 for 59 channels with seven days free-trial and it can be streamed in three screens. You get unlimited cloud DVR storage but you have access to them for 30 days only. You can also create 10 profiles for an account.

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How to Turn On and Off Hotspot 2.0 Networks on Windows 10?

Hotspot 2.0 is the latest technology associated with the standardization of networks that enables the users to connect with public Wi-Fi, automatically keeping the security features intact. It makes the whole process effortless and precisely monitored.

Hotspot 2.0, aka HS2 and Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint, are facilitated with high technology, offering an encrypted system to use the connection made between the access point and client. Windows 10 automatically detects the nearby and best connection for the user that is safe on the respective device. It uses IEEE 802.11u for the provider.

Here is how to easily enable and deactivate Networks of Hotspot 2.0 on Windows 10:

Checking Compatibility of Hotspot 2.0 Network

  • First of all, it is recommended to check that your device is properly supporting the Hotspot 2.0 Network or not. Below are the steps to check the same:
  • At the start, hit the Windows Search icon situated at the taskbar and then input these keywords: “cmd.exe.”
  • After that, choose the option “Command Prompt” from the available prompted list.
  • Now, you have to act for copying this path:


  • Then, paste it just after the active cursor and press the Enter key.
  • Now, go down and then check the status of the data related to the ANQP Service.
  • If your device supports the feature, proceed to the next step otherwise, stop at this point as it’s no worth moving forward as below mentioned procedure won’t work on your device.

Turning On and Off Hotspot 2.0 Network via Windows Settings App

  • In the beginning, tap the Window logo, and the I hotkey together to launch the Settings app.
  • Then, perform a selection on the option “Network and Internet.”
  • After that, select the Wi-Fi option by navigating the left-hand side surface and navigate towards the right pane.
  • Next, enable the tab for using the device as Online Sign-up to connect with the respective network.
  • Reboot the device to see the change that you have made.

Turning on the Hotspot 2.0 Network via Modifying the Registry

Follow these steps securely for avoiding any wrong action by the device. In order to configure the registry entries, follow these mentioned instructions:

  • Tap the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously to expand Run Dialog Box.
  • Once the Run Dialog Prompt comes into view, then input “regedit.exe” into the search bar, followed by the Enter key.
  • After a while you will be prompted to the Registry Editor page and then reach to the following command:


  • Perform a double click on the DWORD option “OsuRegistrationStatus” by navigating the right-hand side panel for modifying registry values.
  • Place “1” into the Value data box and then hit the OK tab there to activate the Hotspot 2.0 Network on Windows 10.
  • Finally, tap the appropriate key to reboot the device to accept the changes that you have made.

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