Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Trade In Program

Apple has become an enormous brand worldwide. About 45-46 percent of people in the US are Apple users. Since the company rolls out new devices every year, every individual can’t upgrade when something new comes up in the market.

You must have experienced a situation where your current Apple device works just fine, but you want to get a new one to maintain your status or any other reason. Not only it seems challenging to invest all over again, but it makes no sense.

The company realizes the case, which is why they work on every issue to resolve the same. You might or might not have heard about the Apple’s trade In Program, but show a little faith as it’s one of the best solutions to upgrade your device when you can’t afford it due to financial reasons.

Apple’s Trade In Program allows you to trade in your smartphone in exchange for credit towards your new device. Fortunately, the company doesn’t have a restricted policy, and you can be a part of the Trade In Program while online shopping or in-store. This might have intrigued you a bit; however, keep reading if you’re keen to know more about the same.

A lot of Apple users have mistaken the Trade In Program with the iPhone Upgrade Program. However, there’s a difference between the two. iPhone Upgrade Program refers to a program that expects you to pay the full amount of the device within 24 months of purchase. Not only this but if you’re looking forward to upgrading your device, you can do the same after 12 installments.

Now, the big question that arises is how to trade in your iPhone? To get started with the same, visit the Apple Trade In website and select the device you want to trade. If you’re going to go through an online trade, you can mail your device, after which Apple will use the credit towards your next purchase. Note that the credit is only applied if you’ve paid the complete amount.

In case if you’re an Apple iPhone payments user, the estimated amount of your trade will be adjusted according to the overall price of your next purchase. If you want to trade in your iPhone but haven’t purchased anything yet in exchange, you’ll be offered a gift card for the same.

The in-store Trade In Program only accepts the iPhone 6 and a first-generation iPhone SE through iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is essential to note that an iPhone’s trade in value depends on its condition; for instance, if it’s not damaged, the screen isn’t broken, etc. An undamaged device can fetch you a satisfying amount.

Privacy and security are essential factors for every individual, and thus, no one would want their privacy invaded. You must erase all the data from your iPhone, iPad, or any other device before trading. Also, make sure that you’ve disabled the ‘Find My’ service.

If you think that you can only trade your iPhones, here’s good news. Apart from iPhones, you can also trade in your recent iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch 1-5 Series. Isn’t that amazing?

The new Apple Trade In Policy can be very advantageous if you put forward a device in the right condition and least damaged. Currently, Apple doesn’t offer a Trade In policy for non-Apple devices; however, you can get other devices recycled for free.

If you’re planning to upgrade your Apple device, the Trade In Program is the right option for you. However, if you’re looking for some cash in exchange, you may visit websites like Gazelle or Decluttr. You may also check sites like eBay or Swappa to make a direct trade to another person.

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