Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Review: Alexa is Watching You

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is not just Amazon’s best smart display but also the most innovative, complex, and best-sounding smart home hub ever. The brushless motor that rotates its 10.1-inch HD display around a 350-degree arc practically silently is the first thing that will catch your eye when you pull it out of the box, but there will be plenty more to get excited about once you start using it to its full potential.

The Echo Show 10 spins its display around its base based on feedback from its integrated 13-megapixel camera and far-field microphones, ensuring that it is constantly facing you. Whether you follow a recipe, make a video call, or watch a Netflix movie, this is a great tool.


The display is mounted in a new, rather large barrel speaker base, and the third-generation Echo Show 10 looks more imposing than its predecessor. It can follow you about — not from room to room, luckily, but as you engage with it, the screen flips to direct its face at you.

The Echo Show 10 should be placed at least 15.5cm away from the wall. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of putting it in a corner or on a shelf, but doing so would significantly restrict its movement and some of its most important features.

The screen is connected to a lever on the top of the main body, so you can tilt it manually, although you still cannot nod correctly when you speak. The bottom edge of the screen is 6 cm higher than the surface to be installed, and the top edge of the screen can be up to 24 cm, depending on the slope.

The main body of Show 10 is completely free of buttons and is covered in a fabric produced entirely of recyclable materials. A mic on/off button, volume settings, three little mics (one forward-facing, two on each side of the mute button), and a basic camera cover slider that not only hides the camera but also inhibits movement are all located across the top of the screen.

These buttons work fine, but they aren’t clearly labeled and thus end up frequently turning the mic off when attempting to lower the volume. Of course, this isn’t a huge deal: if you accidentally muted your music, you’ll see an orange bar at the bottom of the screen, and you can always say “Alexa, turn the volume down” to change the volume of your music hands-free.

While you can change the brightness of the screen on-screen by swiping down from the top of the touchscreen, you can’t do the same with the volume.


On a strong driver-packed plinth, the Echo Show 10 feels like a large, moving smart tablet. That isn’t always a bad thing. The capacity to track you around is the main feature here.

When there’s another person in the room, the Show 10 can get a bit confused, but the accuracy is nearly uncannily good for the most part. It doesn’t always follow you; after a few moments of inactivity, it returns to a central point and waits patiently for you to engage with it again.

You can even program the screen to silently display the latest football scores, weather forecasts, or headlines, which we found to be far less obtrusive and far more useful than we expected during our testing.

Netflix and Amazon Prime apps are effectively integrated when streaming TV content on Show 10, but there are a few holes in the video offering, including Disney Plus and YouTube. You can tell Alexa to look for YouTube videos. You can even program the screen to silently display the latest football scores, weather forecasts, or headlines, which we found to be far less obtrusive and far more useful than we expected during our testing.

The camera has been upgraded from 5MP to 13MP, and this is where one of the most significant improvements can be found. You can ‘drop in’ visually from the Alexa app on your smartphone by selecting ‘communicate’ and tapping on the Show 10 symbol — and no one on the other end needs to answer. You can, however, go much further. On the Alexa app and the Show 10, tap ‘All devices,’ then ‘camera,’ to get a live view of your house. Swipe your smartphone left or right to manually move the Show 10 around your room in real-time.

You now have a surveillance camera that zooms in and out depending on how close a moving object is to the screen, allowing you to check if the family silver has been stolen, see if a package has come, or simply spy on the cat. It’s an interesting feature.

It’s also a complete home hub, as you’d expect from Amazon’s flagship smart device. It can be used to set up and control Zigbee smart home devices such as lights, doorbells, and thermostats.


Echo Show 10 can be used as a Bluetooth speaker without using WiFi or streaming media. Connect your iPhone and play with a lot of passion and weight across the frequencies, even if it feels a little squeezed.

If you don’t like a bass-heavy presentation, the Alexa app allows you to adjust the Show 10’s bass, midrange, and treble EQ settings. The Echo Show 10 isn’t being marketed as a sound device because the screen partially obscures the drivers, but it’s also not a particularly detailed or expansive listen for its price range. It has a lot of power, but the little over-emphasized bottom muddies the clarity of the voices and the expressive texture of the musical instruments.

But, while we’re naturally focusing on the Echo Show 10’s visual and sound quality for this review, focusing solely on these aspects does the gadget a disservice – it’s about so much more.

The perfect location for the Echo Show 10 is on a kitchen counter, where it can cheerfully swing around displaying the new recipe you’re trying out, playing a podcast to keep you company, and possibly offering a second screen to keep you up to date on the football.

Alexa works smoothly, the sound quality is decent enough for a kitchen dance with your oven gloves on, and while it lacks auditory brilliance, that isn’t its raison d’être. In the end, you’d buy this device for the added convenience and utility that a screen provides.


The Show 10 is practical, instructive, and simple to operate, and it will quickly become a valuable and dependable addition to any household. We weren’t expecting to like it as much as we do. It won’t be your new sound system – at this price, we’d expect more in terms of quality – but it is an excellent smart device.

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5 Affordable And Top Quality 3D Printers In 2021

3D printers are fun and are suitable for people of all ages. If I say that everyone wants to try at least once, you will agree with me. You can save time and money by printing what you want. You don’t have to look for someone who can get what you need at a low price without wasting time.

Creality Ender 3 Pro

The Ender 3 Pro is a widely used 3D printer that packs a powerful punch in the form of a low-cost machine with a virtually infinite supply of readily available modifications to customize it to your unique needs. Whether you need a 3D printer that can be converted into a laser engraver, a pen plotter, or a printer that can print specific high-temperature materials, the Ender 3 Pro can do it all.

The Ender 3 Pro comes as a kit that needs to be assembled, so set aside some time to build, calibrate, and maybe troubleshoot your new machine before using it. The 350 W power supply of the Ender 3 Pro allows the heated nozzle and base to heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature during printing.

All of the mechanical and electrical schematics for this machine have been released under an Open Source license

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite is a great deal. The Adventurer 3 Lite uses proprietary parts that are meant for easy replacement. The Adventurer 3 Lite has a smaller build space than other printers in this price range, at 150mm cubed. However, the emphasis is clearly on reliability and consistent outcomes with the build volume that is given, as evidenced by the design and experience of using this machine. The enclosed build chamber of this printer enables constant and equal cooling, which is important when printing a large part with an FDM printer because the plastic tends to curl and warp as it cools.

The leveling of the build platform is semi-automated and requires manual input as the user interface helps you through the process. The Adventurer 3 Lite is an excellent alternative if you’d rather spend more time printing and less time tweaking your printer’s mechanical assembly.

Anycubic Vyper

The Anycubic Vyper is a high-throughput 3D printer that surprised us with its rock-solid build quality and amazing feature set. The Vyper has several characteristics that make it an ideal choice for anyone interested in printing large amounts of parts, including silent stepper drivers, dual Z threaded rods, and a high-airflow part cooling system.

The platform bed alignment mechanism allows Vyper to automatically calibrate the crib quickly and accurately. This method of calibration is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time tuning or calibrating their printer, and it worked well in testing, requiring no more changes to achieve an even initial layer.

Although Vyper is not the cheapest printer, it has earned a position due to its quick setup and trouble-free performance in our tests. Vyper is made with great attention to detail, and all the parts of the 3D printer that need adjustment can be easily adjusted. The Cura slicer program is simple to use, although the printer profile that comes with the machine may require some modification, which new users may find difficult.

Prusa Mini+

The Prusa Mini+ is instantly recognizable as a smaller version of the Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer. The Mini+, like the MK3S, is built with the user in mind, with a color touchscreen, easily removable build platform, and automatic leveling procedure that all work together to produce a seamless experience from slicing to printing a model.

The Prusa Mini+ is a printer that is designed for trouble-free 3D printing and is available as a DIY kit or a fully assembled device. The PrusaSlicer software is used to create models, which is a powerful and easy-to-use cutting tool developed specifically for large Mini + and MK3S machines.

Its tiny size makes it an excellent 3D printer for use when workstation space is limited. . The 7-inch cubed build volume can support a wide range of geometries, and the high build-volume-to-printer-footprint ratio translates into a machine that can crank out parts without taking up too much shelf space. In anticipation of this use scenario, Prusa has included an Ethernet port on this machine, which you won’t find on other FDM 3D printers.

LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer

The LulzBot Mini 2 3D printer is an improvement to the LulzBot Mini. It’s a high-performance desktop 3D printer that’s very dependable, versatile, and simple to use. It’s designed to provide high-quality output and comes with numerous improvements over the previous generation.

Every print is enhanced with self-cleaning and self-leveling, ensuring that the prints are laid on a clean and perfectly level foundation. It comes with an E3D titan aero tool head with a.55mm nozzle that works with a variety of stiff and flexible materials.

The LulzBot Mini 2 prints quietly, so it won’t interfere with your workshop or classroom activities. Its reversible borosilicate glass/PEI print surface can survive temperatures up to 248°F, while the tool head can withstand temperatures up to 554°F.

The Cura LulzBot Edition software is used in this LulzBot product to make printing a breeze. The software contains pre-configured profiles for more than 30 different materials. You only need to load and print your 3D model file.

The printer comes with a one-year guarantee and technical support by phone and email seven days a week.

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Everything You’d Like to Know About Reddit

What is Reddit?

The site Reddit is an accumulation of discussion boards and panels which are referred to as the « subreddits,” on a huge amount of topics and ideas where members are allowed to upvote and downvote the posts. Reddit contains an enormous user base with undoubtedly devoted individuals with around 430 million users on a monthly basis. For the fact, around 150 million page visits are counted for a single day.

Reddit has proclaimed itself to be the ‘The Front Page of the Internet where the fact is almost true. With viral videos and stories you’ll find on Buzzfeed and other viral sites mostly are a source from Reddit itself. Reddit contains people with raw information and discussions, hence sometimes serious news and discussions become important and are broadcasted as news headlines nobody knew about.

With Reddit’s immense popularity and with its influence on people, it’s very significant to understand Reddit’s reputation system for a chance, especially for its users, known as the “Karma”.

  • Whenever you submit a post or a storyline, it gets a bunch of upvotes. You’re awarded more Karma points.
  • And if your post is experiencing certain downvotes, you get fewer Karma points for sure.
  • In edit, Karma is an important area to configure as it a coveted metric that decides to increase or decrease the number of people who see your posts. This material is also a pride point for the users in their Reddit world.
  • If you experience more and more Karma points, then it’s positive that you’re on Reddit for a while and people like to support your posts and discussions.

What are Subreddits?

Subreddits are known as the themed boards for particular types of posts at a single place, but each with a sharp focus from the users. Whatever subreddits you subscribe to build up your Reddit homepage, it automatically gives you a collection of content and posts explicitly curated by you or like-minded individuals like you. Now, each Subreddit link contains a comment section for inculcating a discussion of sorts, where users can put up arguments, judgments, criticize the subject which is at hand.

For instance, there are thousands of subreddits to discuss upon. If you observe someone refer to r/, then they’re talking about one address of a particular Subreddit, which is formatted like, hence upon signing up, each user is automatically subscribed to 29-30 default subreddits.

Some of the Subreddits include r/movies (for movies), r/aww (for cute animals), r/news (for current events and headlines), and more of them. As you scroll through the world of Reddit, you are bound to navigate newer subreddits by searching and exploring and finding links similar to these and other’s people’s posts. You can become a part of those lists if you willingly subscribe to them.

Mods – Mods are known as the Moderators by the Reddit community. These are volunteer moderators for each respective Subreddit of choice. Mods are responsible for creating and also maintaining the community guidelines and rules, where they are controlling a layout out of the Subreddit if it happens to troubleshoot any problems.

Who created Reddit?

It is known that Reddit is a massive community with huge groups of people, any news whether good or bad, is discussed there within individuals, so Reddit is a platform where people showcase their true emotions and viable discussions to a point where people hear it. While Reddit is a huge community, it was not a popular phase earlier. The story behind this site is quite interesting.

  • This site was originally made out by two college roommates, which grew into a massive platform that was later acquired by Conde Nast for 20 million.
  • We all know, the Reddit has been into struggles and immense challenges to get to where it is today.

The term Upvoting and Downvoting

On Reddit, users are allowed to ‘Upvote’ or ‘Downvote’ posts based on their liking in a subreddit based on their interests and side of explanations. If you know about democracy, then you might know, democracy can turn into something very ugly. Similarly, people lean onto the types of posts they like and dislike the posts they are not interested in.

The voting actually determines the place your post shown up on the platform, on each subreddit specifically at your homepage. Moreover, the topics that receive the most vote ranks above the subject which has experienced the lowest. Like in message boards, the subreddits have their guidelines which are set by the moderators or the mods. Sometimes, it is very important to pay attention to the rules and laws of each subreddit you take part in.

The moderators present in the Reddit platform have the ability to ban you for any reason they find suitable. Therefore, you’re advised to play safe and always play by the rules.

What are Subreddit Tabs?

There are several selection tabs you’ll observe on the top of each Reddit page. The respective tabs are marked as – Hot, New, Controversial, Top, Gilded, and Wiki. All of these tabs mean something and comprise different types of content. Here’s what they mean:

Hot – These posts are the posts that have been getting the maximum Upvotes and comments with recent updates on that subreddit.

New – This particular section somewhat filters the posts by the time they’ve been submitted to the site by any user. If you’re somewhere curious about the current and latest posts on Reddit without thinking about how people are bound for voting and commenting, it all appears on the ‘New Tab.’

Rising – The ‘Rising’ section is slightly different from the hot section. When the Hot section is compelled to show you where all the activity presently is. The Rising section shows you where the post is going to be placed next. Whichever posts are in the rising section, they are automatically in the early stages of exploding, so if you’re looking for a conversation before your post, it might get lost in the group of an enormous amount of comments.

Controversial – Hot and Rising sections particularly show you where the conversation is currently placed. But the significant downvotes always matter in the rankings subsequently. The Controversial part shows the posts that are experiencing loads of activities by the users, it can be whether good or bad in terms but has to be popular in some or the other way. If a post is converging into a number of upvotes and downvotes, it will make a place in the Controversial section.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Details & Specifications

A few days ago, we got to see the first look of the Galaxy Watch 4. It showed that it has no rotating bezel. However, the rotating bezel lives on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Samsung has renamed it to classic, which makes it looks like a conventional classic watch. Samsung will launch this smartwatch later this year.

Design & Build

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic looks similar to the Galaxy Watch 3 except for the strap design and color options. In short, the design of the smartwatch has been the same since the launch of the Galaxy Gear S3 in 2016.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has large rotating bezels along with big buttons on the side, and it will help users with navigation. The color options also might be White, Black, and Gray for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. In short, the smartwatch has a cool and premium look.

Display & Size Options

There are not enough details for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic display, but it will have gorilla glass DX or DX plus on the Aluminum and Stainless-Steel models. Gorilla Glass DX plus is also better at scratch resistance.

Samsung will offer Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in three sizes. It includes 42mm, 44mm, and 46mm sizes. However, the regular watch will be offered in two size options.

New Operating System

Samsung is no longer using Tizen for its smartwatch operating system. The smartwatch comes with One UI, which is a new custom skin for Samsung smartwatches. It is also combined with Google’s new WearOS. This new operating system will also help users to use a lot of compatible applications from the Play Store.

In other words, it is a new interface based on the new platform developed in the partnership with Google.

Other Features

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers a BIA sensor. It measures your body composition to tell you how fat you are. The smartwatch will also offer WCDMA and LTE support. The new Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be 5 atm rated. In other words, it is water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes.

Users will also have the option to change the straps to customize the look of the watch. Any 20 mm band will work with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch. You can also purchase the band separately. The build quality might be leather and metal for the bands.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is military-certified. It is also certified for MIL-STD-810G. In other words, the smartwatch is more durable compared to the previous version of Samsung smartwatches.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will cost you about $499. However, there is no official announcement related to the price of the product.


Samsung has not offered any more hardware details for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but Samsung might launch a total of three models for the Galaxy Watch 4 series. However, users will not have to wait for a long time to find out more about the new smartwatch. It will be unveiled at Samsung’s next unpacked event. It may take place in August.

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Official Pokémon YouTube Channel Announces Pokémon Unite for Android

The world of Pokémon is well-known for spin-off games. Because many have been launched for the past 25 years. And it has already taken the world by storm with games like Pokémon GO. Now, the Pokémon Company is all set to launch a new competitor into the ring in the form of Pokémon UNITE.

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel has announced to introduce the latest Pokémon game for Android, the Nintendo Switch, and iOS. The latest game is known as Pokémon Unite, and it’s a MOBA. Similar to its previous versions, you’ll have to collect all the Pokémon as a part of the online multiplayer battle game. Undoubtedly, Pokémon Unite is designed and developed in partnership with Tencent. So, I expect the game to land as a blatant cash grab similar to Pokémon Café Mix. The Pokemon Company is focused on continuing this franchise by the mud as long as it can generate quick money with lazy clones on mobile. However, there is no launch date, no target regions conversations, and no one has indicated anything about monetization.

Below, we are mentioning everything we know about Pokémon UNITE on Android so far.

What is Pokémon UNITE?

Well, it is the latest MOBA team battle arena gameplay, developed in collaboration with Tencent Games Studios and the Pokémon Company. This game will have players competing against one another in 5-on-5 team fights. In these battles, players will cooperate with their team to find and catch wild Pokémon. This all will be done while evolving and leveling up their own Pokémon in the process.

Pokémon UNITE’s Gameplay

The Pokémon Unite game gives you real-time challengesto players from all around the world. This time, the beta version is available to Canadian residents only. The Pokémon UNITE spawn teams on opposite ends of the map with the only objective of collecting more Pokémon than the opponent. This game has five scoring fields for each team.

Players will use a combination of both short-range and long-range attacks to conquer your enemies, but remember to defeat the wild Pokémon you find, or else you’ll fall behind. Conquering these NPCs will make your picked Pokémon level upevolve,and got new skills. So, you will need to be sure while choosing one. The Pokémon UNITE claims that it has cross-platform play, which means you can match up with any device.

Which Pokémon Does Pokémon UNITE Include?

It’s not disclosed how many Pokémon will be included in Pokémon UNITE. As per the recent updates from the Company, it looks like players can see forward to most of their favorite Pokémon in the game. However, the following Pokémon are corroborated to appear in the game:

  1. Venusaur
  2. Blastoise
  3. Lucario
  4. Machamp
  5. Gengar`
  6. Snorlax
  7. Clefable
  8. Pikachu
  9. Charizard
  10. Talonflame

For now, only 10 Pokémon are confirmed in the game. We have spotted other Pokémon through different leaks and other briefs about the Gameplay. But it is estimated there are around 900 Pokémon in existence.

Should You Download Pokémon UNITE?

Yes, if you’re one of the Pokémon fans. Also, if you only like multiplayer online battle arena games, this is the right option for you. You can also play Pokémon Go.

What’s Good

  • It is a team-based battle arena game.
  • It is Free-to-play
  • This game has a variety of Pokémon to pick from

What’s Not Good

  • Incompatible on some devices

Terms and Conditions 

Your Android device needs to have Version 5.0 or more to install this game and a minimum of 3 GB RAM. Players must be at least 16 years old to play this game.

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A Guide to Enable Flash in Mozilla Firefox

Adobe Flash is a renowned technology for presenting media-rich content on the web. However, Mozilla Firefox has disabled the Flash option, but you can easily enable Flash in Firefox. In this blog, we will guide you through how to enable Flash in Firefox.

Whenever you try to open a Flash site on Mozilla Firefox, then the web browser won’t tell you that the Flash option has been discontinued. As a result, you will not get any Flash and no messages about it as well. People don’t know that Flash content should be there.

But, if you want to know the details of why this happens, you can easily get that the company no longer wants the Flash Player EOL General Information page. And, they blocked Flash content from playing in Player. So, if you want to use Adobe Flash on Mozilla Firefox, then you can use it. You need to access the sites that depend on Adobe Flash. So, here you will get on how to enable Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox and enable them to run on the websites you believe.

Steps to Enable Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox

You will learn how to enable Flash in Mozilla Firefox and follow the below steps:

You need to check that the Adobe Flash software is up to date. If your software has not been updated, then go to the official website and download and install the current version.

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and enter addons into the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • On the add-ons page, search the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Then, choose Always Activate from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you finish all the steps, you need to close the add-ons tab and refresh the Digication page to finish the process. Now, you have enabled Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox.

Steps to Enable Flash in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome instead of Mozilla Firefox, then you can also enable Flash in Google Chrome.

  • Click right the puzzle piece of Flash.
  • Then, select Run this plugin to enter this app.
  • Next, press the Click to enable Adobe Flash.
  • Tap on the Allow to run Flash that appears at the top left side of your screen.
  • Once you have finished all the steps, now you have enabled Flash in Google Chrome as well.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 PC

System Requirements for Windows 10 PC

You need to check the Mozilla Firefox requirements before you download the Firefox on Windows 10 PC. Your system needs to match the below requirements.


Hard Drive Space: 200 MB

Processor: Pentium 4 or new processor

RAM: 512 MB or 2 GB for the 64-bit version

Download Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 PC

You can download Mozilla Firefox on your system using the below steps:

  • Open any browser of your choice on your system like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Now, go to the Mozilla Firefox download page for windows.
  • Tap on the Download Now button and start downloading Mozilla Firefox.
  • Once your download is finished, you need to press the Firefox installer.exe to open and run the installation file.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the file or folder that contains the Firefox installer and run the installation process.
  • Tap on the Yes option under the pop-up user account control dialog.
  • Once the installation process gets complete, you can open Mozilla Firefox on your system. You can now browse what you want in Firefox. If you have a Windows 10 PC, then it will automatically download the equivalent version. For example, if your system has 64-bit, then the Mozilla Firefox you have downloaded will be the 64-bit version by default.

Mozilla Firefox Software Information

Language: English

Software Size:  49 MB

License: Free

Operating System: Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit)

Available Languages: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and more than 90 languages.

Download Mozilla Firefox in your Language on PC

If you want to download Mozilla Firefox in your language on your system, then you can choose the language option. Now, you need to follow the below options and download Firefox in your language.

  • Go to the Firefox Language options page and press the drop-down menu under your favorite language to select the desired language.
  • On the same page, you can also choose the Firefox browser that you want to download. And, then choose the favorite Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 (32 bit or 65 bit).
  • Once you selected, press the Download Now button and start downloading Mozilla Firefox.

Conclusion You can download the Mozilla Firefox browser for your Windows 10 PC (32 bit or 64 bit) very easily. You only need to go to the official website of your browser and download Firefox, and you have an option to download the browser in your desired language. It will help users to download Firefox in their language to better understand the browser. Also, enable the Adobe Flash option in Mozilla using specific commands.

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The Best Upcoming and Existing Electric Bikes in 2021

The e-bikes seem and work like normal bikes, but an e-motor and battery offer power support. A few electric bikes are confined to enhancing the power while you pedal. And that makes it easier to go up hills, to run faster, and travel more without consuming more energy.

Here are some of the Best e-bikes that can meet out most of your expectations:

1.  VanMoof S3

VanMoof e-bikes got a separate fanbase. Because, for around $2,000, it functions as one of the most innovative, advanced, and elegant bikes around. The VanMoof S3 has an automatic electronic gear that’s notably smooth under almost every shifting condition. The motor gives a max speed of 20mph, and also includes a push-button turbo boost. It covers a range of 37-93 miles, depending upon your riding style.

It has a stylish frame with an enclosed chain. There’s a non-removable front light, hydraulic brakes, and integrated battery. The Stunner X also has an anti-theft feature.

2.  Charge Bikes City

Looking for an option on commuting to work? Then the Charge Bikes City is the right e-bike for you. It comes with full-fenders to prevent the mud and a back-rack for bags. But it works well at a reasonable price. It includes five-level power support. Plus, a full-power throttle button that helps you to ride on trails and hilly areas. It offers all the essential whistles and bells that a commuter wants, including the superior and loud horn.

The handlebars fold flat, to allow easy storage in a cubicle or home. It is capable of typical city commuting for more than three days without recharging the battery. At night, the Stunner’s lights seemingly lit up the road, and the throttle helped us zip around the forthcoming problem when we felt out of gas. And Charge’s sui generis fantastic feature is that newbies can also assemble the e-bike within 10 minutes. All you need to do is attach the front wheel.

3.  Gazelle Medeo T9 Classic

Medeo T9 Classic’s low-step design indicates it is easy to hop on. And its supple seat from Selle Royal and front-fork suspension provides it a smooth-going sense. Its robust aluminum frame and powerful elements, like a mid-drive Bosch motor, indicate reliability. But it’s also a bit heavier e-bike with nearly 50 pounds. Its weight makes it less perfect for apartment dwellers. However, it’s within the weight category of several e-bikes, which often touch the range at about 45 pounds.

Despite this, Gazelle’s e-bikes manage greatly, and the electric elements won’t shock riders with sudden acceleration or lurches. Additionally, the hydraulic disc brakes make it well-balanced and a responsive e-bike. The bike is a retro aesthetic that recalls a golden era of bike riding and makes it ideal for beach bums, suburbanites, and also the AARP set.

4.  Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB

It is one of the smoothest-riding e-bikes. All thanks to a consistent Enviolo shifter and Gates belt drive that lets you switch gears amid a hill-riding. Its low-step frame has mounted a Selle Loire Gel seat that offers a comfortable ride. The frame also includes a removable battery and internal front fork suspension.

It also consists of a metal belt guard, mudguards, kickstand, headlight, and backlight, and a rear rack with a built-in stretch bracket. Plus, an Axa Defender lock that locks the back wheel when you remove the key and snap it shut. The Gazelle Ultimate is available at $3,999.

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Add Widgets On An iPad: Here’s How

iPad users will get a new Widget experience with iPadOS 15, very much similar to iPhone. Amidst all, here is how you can add Widgets to your iPad right now.

Users can add Widgets to their iPad devices. But they should not expect the various types of customizations that the tech giant has made available on the iPhone devices with iOS 14 software update. At least, the users can’t expect it from Apple yet. The tech giant is trying to improve the Widget experience for iPad users in the near future. But, in the meantime, tablet users can use and add Widgets.

iOS 14 & A New Way to Use Widgets

Apple introduced a new and exciting way to use Widgets on any iPhone with iOS 14 software updates. Previously, there were several limitations as to where the Widgets could be places and its overall experience. Plus, it could be displayed only in Today View.

However, the release of iOS 14 changed everything allowing Widgets to be played and displayed anywhere. It can be time-consuming to customize the home screen using Widgets released with iOS 14. However, the results are speaking themselves, and several users find various creative ways to customize the look and feel in a personalized way.

Add Widgets to Your iPad

Very much similar to the Widget experience on the iPhone before the release of iOS 14, currently, the tech giant allows only iPad owners to add a Widget using the Today View section. Users can access this particular interface section by swiping right until its end. Here, you can hold and press on a space within the section, Today View. Now, wait for the apps to give a jiggling effect.

Further, you have to click on the plus sign to open the Widget gallery. Here, users are allowed to select the Widget they wish. Now, choose the size you want and then click on the ‘Add Widget.’ It will help you to add it to the particular section.

If your device needs space to adjust the new Widget, then you can remove the existing ones. To remove the existing ones, hold down on an empty space and then click on the minus sign next to Widget. Alternatively, you can drag the Widget to a new place to make room for a new Widget.

iPadOS 15: The iPad Widget Update

Apple made it clear that it is going to introduce a significant upgrade to Widgets. The company announced it during the WWDC 2021 event. It made it clear that the Widget upgrades will be released with the launch of iPadOS 15. Undoubtedly, the company will bring the same Widget experience to iPad users as it brought to iPhone users. Apple is planning all these with its next major iOS update.

Its upcoming software update will allow users to customize and make their iPad home screen their own. Once the company makes the updates available to the users, they will add Widgets on the Home screens directly alongside the app. No doubt, it will result in a more personal and look.

Until then, you can lock Widget visible in the Today View section in place. It will help Widgets to remain available on your device’s Home Screen. However, users can only avail this facility when their table is in landscape orientation.

When your device is in landscape mode, open the section Today View. Now, keep pressing and holding the Home Screen background. Here, the apps will jiggle very much, similar to when you add Widgets. After that, tap on Keep on Home Screen and then click on Done. It will lock the Widgets on the iPad in place.

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Google Planning to Minimize Android Ad Tracking: Is it a Good Move?

Google’s new Android advertisement following security insurances are invited by specialists. However, some condemn the organization for not making them more straightforward and available to the normal Android client.

The Financial Times revealed that the move was to « counter Apple’s picture as a superior steward of individual information. Apple most as of late reported new security apparatuses. And that gives clients command over applications following their developments.

As per the move made by Google, it’s anything but a $400 billion-a-year computerized promoting industry. It is allowing clients completely to quit sharing their « Publicizing ID.” Publicizing ID is an identifier that permits sponsors to follow your developments from application to application.

Google allows clients to restrict promotion following on Android telephones by quitting imparting their Advertising ID to engineers. Yet that interaction is profoundly covered up in the settings. Plus, it doesn’t keep less trustworthy designers from achieving it at any rate.

However, beginning in the not-so-distant future. When an Android client quits sharing that cross-application Advertising ID, designers will rather acquire « a series of zeros rather than the identifier, » as indicated by Google. Google imparted the news in an email to Android developers prior to early this month.

The more ironclad security insurances will initially carry out to Android 12 clients before the finish of 2021. Prior to getting broadly accessible to every Android client by a Google Play Services update in the middle of 2022.

What Experts Says?

Nishanth Sastry told in a meeting that the move is invited. Further adding that when organizations are self-managed, they will get things done to their greatest advantage that benefits them. Nishanth Sastry is a Researcher at the University of Surrey in the U.K. He has some expertise in the security of following advancements. Google is presently compelling that and is attempting to make great with purchasers, he said.

In any case, if doing as such, they will begin moving off of it. What’s more, that is what’s going on at this point. There’s more awareness about protection and for Google. And that is essential for the inspiration for them. He said all these things in an interview.

Sastry said the organization ought to ask clients, similar to what Apple does. Regardless of whether they need to permit designers to follow them by any means. Added further, “If you needed to truly secure individuals’ protection, you need to turn it on as a matter”. Relatively few individuals are going to proceed to fix their Advertiser ID to 000. Google might have gone further and turned that on, of course. And that would have seemed well and good.

If Ad Tracking Would Round Out the Industry?


Google declaration could close out other promotion tech players.

The publicizing business is grasped with dread over new moves from Google. It could limit or even cut out other promotion tech players from the market. Recently, the inquiry goliath reported another strategy position to confine customized promoting on the web. That could solidify Google’s advertisement global positioning framework as the business standard.

Forbes reports that the support non-benefit Noyb has recorded a grievance with France’s Data Protection Authority. Reports are blaming Google for violating the EU’s « Treat Law » with the Android Advertising Identifier (AAID). Google makes the extraordinary phone ID naturally and keeps you from erasing it.

You can reset the AAID. However, that doesn’t kill past information or prevent publicists from following your action utilizing the new ID.

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Windows 11 Will Be Available to Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

Windows 11 can be made available not only for Windows 10 users but also for those running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as a free upgrade.

A leak over upgrade support has surfaced ahead of the official announcement of the new Microsoft operating system. Microsoft had also launched a similar upgrade program when it launched Windows 10, in which Windows 7 and Windows 8 users got free upgrades.

One of the reasons behind this at that time was to bring more and more people to new windows, after which the company also lost user support for Windows 7 last year.

XDA Developers saw some product configuration keys in the leaked Windows 11 build, with titles of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. These keys may indicate Microsoft bringing users of the old Windows operating system to Windows 11 as a free upgrade.

However, interestingly, Windows 8 configuration is not part of these keys. This means that Windows 8 users may need to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 OS before moving to Windows 11.

According to the data offered by analytics platform Statcounter, the Windows 7 operating system with a 15.52 percent market share as of May is the second-largest Windows operating system in the world after 10 Windows. It is followed by Windows 8.1, which has a 3.44 percent stake. On the contrary, Windows 8 has only a 1.27 percent stake.

Windows 11 operating system is scheduled to launch on June 24. Even before its release, the new operating system has been viewed through its leaked build. This will include a new start menu and the company has also made several changes to the interface, making it much different from Windows 10. Windows 10 users will get the new version as a free upgrade. It is not clear whether it will be available immediately for older generation operating systems.

Satya Nadella became the new chairman for Windows

Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) as its new chairman in place of John Thompson. Nadella, who took over as CEO after Steve Balmer in 2014, has played a key role in expanding his business, including billions of dollars in acquisitions such as LinkedIn, Nuance Communications, and Zenimax.

Satya Nadella has revitalized him for a new phase whilst also tightening his hold on such a major global technology firm. According to the company, Nadella has been unanimously chosen to lead the Microsoft executive board, in which he will “direct the agenda while maximizing his deep understanding of the market to identify the correct potential value and identify key risks.”

Early in his term, Nadella ordered a massive restructuring by cutting 18,000 jobs or 14 percent of employees under a plan aimed at easing corporate structures and integrating Finland’s Nokia’s mobile division. Nadella, 53, preferred cloud computing, which has become an attractive development engine at the tech giant located in The City of Redmond, Washington State.

Microsoft is set to launch a new generation of its Windows operating system next week. Monitoring Nadella, Microsoft has focused more on hiring software and services hosted on a data center in the computing cloud and has expanded its user platform.

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